Police observed a car driven by Timothy Wysocki of Forest Park driving southbound on the 1400 block of Elgin Avenue at a high speed on June 12 and running through a stop sign.

Police activated their emergency lights, and the car soon stopped in the street on the 1400 block of Marengo. Wysocki put the car in reverse and backed into the squad car, according to a police report.

Wysocki exited the car as police approached, and police noticed he smelled like alcohol and had a .375 ml bottle of Dimitri Vodka in the car’s center console. He failed three field sobriety tests, and after being taken to the station, began having mood swings, banging his fists and head on the walks and windows of the holding cell.

He later admitted drinking two bottles of vodka at a friend’s house before he was stopped, though he said he was sober enough to drive and was just parking his car when police stopped him. A breathalyzer showed his blood alcohol content at .158.

He was charged with failing to obey a stop sign, improper backing, not having proof of insurance or a driver’s license, and improper transportation of alcohol.

Strong arm robbery

A man told police that as he was walking home he was approached by three men between the ages of 16 and 18 near the intersection of Dixon and Circle Avenue on June 15.

One of the teenagers approached the man from the front and demanded his wallet. When he refused, he said, he was struck by a stick or board on the left side of his head, cutting his cheek. He refused medical attention.

He told police that during the altercation, he dropped his Blackberry phone, and it was picked up by one of the assailants, who then fled through area yards.

Heroin found during traffic stop

Police stopped a car for failing to use its turn signal at the intersection of Harlem Avenue and Washington Street on June 12, and a name check of the driver, Steve Barron, 39, of Chicago, showed he had an active DuPage County warrant for contempt.

Passenger Sherwyn Barron, 44, stepped out of the car during the stop, and police found a Ziploc bag with a gram of a powder which later tested positive for heroin in his left sock. Barron said he used about $20 of heroin, which he buys on the West Side of Chicago, each day. He was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Man arrested on theft warrant

A registration check on a 1996 Ford Explorer parked in a corner of Thornton’s gas station, 601 Harlem Ave., showed an active warrant for theft from Chicago.

The driver was identified as Derick Chillis, 39, of Maywood, the same name on the warrant. During a search of his car, police found a few small scales, a pill cutter, aluminum foil, and two pill bottles filled with a white powder.

Tests on the powder were inconclusive. Chillis said he no longer sold drugs and asked police to dispose of any narcotic-related items found in his car. He posted bond and was released.

 These items were taken from the records of the Forest Park Police Department between June 9 and June 16 and represent only a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in this report has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not yet been adjudicated.

“Compiled by Seth Stern