Dear Brother Patrick,

Thank you very much for your note and handwriting sample, and especially thank you for all the years of dedicated service you have given to children and to the Church. It is inspiring that even in retirement you want to help people.

Your handwriting, Brother Patrick, is fairly legible and is connected by threadlike connectors. Threadlike means that your letters look like they are held together by a string or thread. These thread connectors tell me that you are very versatile, flexible, adaptable, imaginative and that you have a strong desire to lead your life as you wish, without control from outside influences. You resent people imposing their will on you and you can be stubborn in response to these perceived impositions. This is a very critical issue for you to understand and deal with in your period of transition.

You are intelligent but your intelligence is of the wide variety and is linked to intuition and perception, so you are much more likely to be interested in history and literature than in math and science. You are creative, artistic, and are ready for almost any situation. You make many of your decisions based on instinct and feelings. You are curious and highly impressionable. You have a love of the arts and want the freedom to pursue them in your own way.

You seek appreciation rather than material rewards so it is not surprising that you became a Brother and a teacher, and feel hurt when your hard work does not seem to be appreciated.

You can be undisciplined and unpredictable at times, but you are a very proud and dignified person. You have high expectations of yourself and of others and you become frustrated and angry when these expectations are not met. You are aware of your tendency toward anger so you are working very hard to control your temper. Your large arch shaped T crossings show that you are trying hard to “keep a lid on it.” You do however use up a lot of energy keeping yourself under control.

Brother Patrick, your writing also shows that you are energetic, enthusiastic, and are a good worker, especially on long term projects. Your personal pride will not allow you to do less than your best on any task you undertake.

In addition, your handwriting also reveals that you are generous, sociable, friendly, optimistic, and empathetic. You have a kind heart.

I hope that you haue a successful transition and don’t allow yourself to become despondent or angry. I know a lot of brothers, nuns, and priests are experiencing difficult times because some have betrayed their positions of trust, and the innocent are paying the consequences.

Good luck and God bless.