Unknown offenders shot several holes in the 10 front windows of Ed’s Way grocery store bordering Beloit Avenue, according to a police report. Dents were also found in the metal support structures that hold the windows. In all, 20 holes and 10 dents were found at the store, located at 946 Beloit.

The crime is believed to have occurred during the night of June 26 or morning of June 27. Costs to repair the damage were estimated by the store’s owners at $300.

Last week, police reported that two cars had their windows shot by BB guns at a village-owned parking lot.

Man stomps on woman’s windshield

James Montgomery Jr., 36, was arrested for criminal damage to a vehicle and assault after allegedly stomping on the sunroof and windshield of his girlfriend’s car after an argument on June 21.

The woman said that he had called threatening to hit her and break her belongings, but when he arrived at their Franklin Avenue home he gathered his own belongings and left the house, heading to her Toyota Solera, parked nearby. He kicked the bumper before climbing on the roof and attempting to break the glass, the woman told police.

Tools stolen from garage

A resident told police that unknown offenders entered his side garage door on the 7700 block of Monroe Street on June 29.

The resident said he believed his garage door was locked but could not be sure. Among the items reported missing were a yellow and black toolbox with various tools, a mountain bike, a gray and orange hammer drill, and a black jigsaw.

The victim estimated the value of the items stolen at $1,000.

Vehicle break-in

A resident told police that his car was broken into on the 100 block of Brown Avenue on June 29.

The resident said he came out to go to lunch and noticed his front window broken, and his cell phone and car stereo faceplate missing. He said he has a car alarm, but it apparently did not go off.

Police found a screwdriver on the passenger side floorboard which the car’s owner said did not belong to him. The screwdriver was taken by police as evidence.

Driver arrested with cocaine

Police curbed a 1996 Chevrolet Blazer for speeding on June 16, and reported that the driver, Mark Studney, 58, of Chicago, immediately appeared nervous and fidgety. He told them he was on his way to an auto body shop, and did not know why he was so nervous.

When police asked if they could search the car, he said “it isn’t mine but go ahead,” according to a police report. He later told police that he was in the process of purchasing the car from an acquaintance.

Police found a “kilo style” bag of cocaine in the car’s center console which contained 4 grams of a white powder that later tested positive as cocaine.

He was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, speeding, and not having insurance.

These items were taken from the records of the Forest Park Police Department between June 16 and June 29 and represent only a small portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in this report has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not yet been adjudicated.

Compiled by Seth Stern