Sympathy to the friends of Mildred Lightell, faithful member of Saint Peter’s Church and very efficient cashier at dear old Ben Franklin, the greatest store ever on Madison Street. Old timers still mourn the passing of Ben Franklin. Mildred was dependable, always at her station and followed rules to the letter.

Apologies to Dawn Ferencak. I gave Karen Skinner credit for creating “Swine Lake” the ballet dancing pig in front of The Review’s office at 141 S. Oak Park Avenue. Actually, the dainty porker is the work of Dawn’s art students, including adults, teenagers and pre-schoolers. Another of her students is Becky Lomax who has designed and executed one of the planters you’ll see along the Progressive Dinner route on July 16. Ms. Ferencak teaches art in her home and promised us more photos in the next week or so. There will probably even be a video of the pig making.

If creative decorating of ceramic pigs isn’t to your liking and you’d rather barbeque actual, real, slaughtered pigs, Beverly Thompson is ecstatic over the proposed amateur rib cook off on Saturday September 16. There will be some very big prizes offered. More details will be coming soon.

Welcome to the Howard Mohr Community Center’s new driver, Oak Park Paramedic Greg Badger.

Forest Park had some very distinguished visitors from all over the world at a church/birthday party given by Mr. And Mrs. Wong Dong (Mrs. Dong is really Xi Wang). Among the guests were persons from Indonesia, China, Malawi and Berwyn. From China we have Xin Xian Chang, Liu Rui Tong, Wang Yuying and Yang Wenxian. All from Beijing.

Normally I am a somewhat peaceful person, but I do feel death is not too harsh a penalty for drivers who stop on narrow, busy streets, such as Desplaines or Circle Avenues, and swing their car doors wide open into traffic. I once knew a young driver who was incensed because a driver took the door off her car on a Forest Park street when that very thing happened. The car door opener couldn’t understand why she, not the driver, got a ticket. Life without parole for drivers who do not use turn signals.

And while I’m off my usual material, let me add that those who applaud the recent verdicts against the associates of Mayor Daley”take a trip up to Detroit and see what Chicago would look like without the Daleys. And we didn’t even lose the auto industry.

Sorry about the delay on this birth announcement: On June 12, 2006 Diana Rose Patzer was born weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces. Her proud parents are Susan Wojtas and Dan Patzer. Grandparents of the new baby are Ken and Linda Wojtas and Cathy and Keith Patzer. Baby Diana has two great-grandparents as well. They are Peter Wojtas and Flo Susralsk.Congratulations to all the family.

On July 13 happy birthday wishes go to Cheryl Jargstorf, Brian Casey, Linda Brhel, Terry Rusk and Laura Hodges; on the 14th to Ruth Loyd, Darcy and Kelsy Carlson and Anthony Huynh; on July 15 Carol Smith, Chris Cody and special greetings to Lester Nixon; July 16 Daniel Stroth, Sammy Marmo, Leonard Karlin and Michael Bloch; July 17 birthday wishes to Steve Kaup, Rick Krieger, David Pardun, Joanne Locai and Jerry Pinotti; July 18 Gene Mull and Katie Murray; happy birthday on the 19th to Tom Spinelli, Eilen Boylan and Debbie Ginger. Belated happy birthday wishes to Nancy Lovell and Scott Jacobit on July 4 and to Shirley Jacobitz on July 9.

Thanks for your time. Chop a bun.

Jackie Schulz

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...