Dear Beverly,
Thank you very much for your note and handwriting sample.

Bev, your writing is neat and legible, but it is also small, backhanded, quick, has arcades and large capital letters, and is written in red ink.

I doubt that using red ink was an accident. Red is a generally accepted symbol of life, strength and vitality. It is connected with ambition, generosity, and affection and it hints at strong links with the physical. Red is a professional color that makes the writer feel a shade different from the masses, and reflects a subconscious desire to be not only different, but better.

The fact that your writing is small with large capital letters is interesting. The small script means that you are thoughtful, studious, accurate, conscientious, and have a strong inclination for details accompanied by great powers of concentration.

On the other hand, your large capital letters tell me that you are ambitious, proud, dignified, idealistic, and have good self-esteem. This combination of small writing with large capitals then suggests that you are a person with significant executive ability.

You also use arcades, which are large cover strokes, over your capital M and D. These arcades tell me you have a sense of stable values, are trustworthy, independent and diplomatic. You are cautious and watchful and you frequently hide your true feelings and thoughts so there is a coolness in your personality.

This coolness is reinforced by your vertical to backhanded letters. You are introspective, reserved, and have a strong sense of self-protection and preservation. You weigh your words carefully, are skeptical, and are interested in others in a detached way. People see you as logical and non-emotional.

You write fast, Beverly, so I know you think quickly and are smart. You have a lot of mental energy and many intellectual, cultural, literary and physical interests and talents. Your brain is always active and you need constant change and stimulation so you are ambitious and spontaneous. You have a naturalness of expression so you are probably a good writer, speaker and possible an artist or musician. You have a great amount of determination, so you don’t quit until you achieve your goals.

Because you are so bright and determined you probably have many personal and sexual expectations that are unfulfilled. Talent and principles have their price, and you are not an easy person to satisfy.

Much good luck to you.