Let’s start off with a few corrections for which I am truly sorry. Ingrid Scott is the mother of those two wonderful sons, Glenn Scott and Wayne Scott. Sorry for the misidentification last week. Wayne now lives in New York where he’s acting in off Broadway productions. Glenn, just home from teaching in Indonesia and now off to Prague to do more of the same.

The other correction goes way, way back. Mr. Ishmael Zani a native Albanian, tells me “chop a bun” is a greeting like “hi, how are you”, sort of an Albanian “que pasa”. “See you later” sounds more like “meeroo pavshem.” “Fah leeminderit,” Mr. Zani (that’s “thank you”).

Grandma and Grandpa Terry Steinbach and Tony Sarli have been spoiling grandson Kyle Littlejohn, the smallest of Robin Hood’s merry men, who is visiting from Omaha, Nebraska.

Murali Allada recent DePaul graduate, is leaving his beloved Forest Park for San Jose, California where he has accepted a position with E Range Corp. His mother, Ganga Allada and sister Sujatha Bharadwaj came here from India to help him celebrate his entrance into a new life in a new location. The elephant god Ganische is supposed to bring good luck to new ventures, sort of smooth the way.

Last Wednesday’s Howard Mohr community center field trip was a winner, especially for animal lovers. Not only was everyone’s beloved driver Karol back on board, but the destination was the new Lake Geneva Animal Gardens in Delevan, Wisconsin. The workers at the garden are true animal lovers and it shows. The little and big critters are docile and happy. The travelers petted a hedgehog, goats, sheep, llama, a camel, a baby fox, deer, guinea pigs, rabbits, pot bellied pigs and lots of kittens. Some macaws put on an unbelievable show where they rode two wheeler bikes, roller skated, drew water from a tiny (fake) well and watered some (fake) flowers, among many other tricks. A young horse trainer and lover took us on a short ride through the woodlands and explained the difference between a horse, mule, donkey and pony. He also elaborated on different kinds of horses, such as the quarter horse, morgan, draft horse, thoroughbred, and others. He obviously loved them all. The garden offers animal keeper talks, train rides through the garden, horse drawn carriage rides, pony and hay rides. The piece de resistance of the day was an amazing horse show! Beautiful, perfectly trained horses, and all of them descendants of a super horse named Baskin-Robbins whom everyone seemed to regard with great reverence. But what impressed me the most was how all the workers there loved the animals and treated them with respect and kindness.

The garden is easy to get to -take Hwy 94 north to Wisconsin Hwy 50. Go west on 50, pass through Lake Geneva and pass intersection of Hwy 67. Continue 1 mile on #50 after the intersection of Hwy 67 and you’ll see the park entrance on the left (south side). For information and reservations for yourself or a group call 262.728.8200. Children under age 2 are admitted free.

An added bonus to the day was a stop at a restaurant and really old time hotel . Ye Olde Hotel in Lyons, Wisconsin was built in 1860 and the serving portions match those of the days of the threshers and hard-working farmers. If you’re in the area, I would highly recommend a stop at Ye Olde Hotel call 262-763-2701 for the meal of a lifetime. Be sure you are very hungry.

On August 2 happy birthday to Chris Behnke, Kathleen Marie Lane and Maria Gianelli; on the 3rd to Dyonne Scheiwe and Cali Carlson; August 4 is a happy birthday for Ashley Ernst, Sandy Boy and Briana Nicole Balsavich; on the 5th of August it’s happy birthday to Connie Mango out in California “enjoying” 100 plus degree weather; on August 6 good wishes go to Barbara Sullivan, Dan Giers and David Stahlke; on August 7 the same to James Childs and Betty Schulz.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and meriw povsham (see above).

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...