Dear O.S.,

Thank you for your curiosity, your note, and your writing sample.

Your handwriting is very nice. It is legible, heavy, rightward, fast, and rises from the baseline.

Rising script tells me that you are an optimist. You are generally cheerful and you see the brighter side of situations. You have faith in the future and in yourself, so you are usually a happy person. You are ambitious and somewhat restless so you are always looking for ways to escape the demands of routine.

Your fast writing tells me that you are very intelligent and talented. The sharp V formations you make in your small Ms and Ns draw a picture of your brain. It is sharp! You are an expIatory thinker and a natural investigator (one of the reasons you are curious about your handwriting), and you grasp information without a great deal of effort, so you have a high l.Q. You also have the ability to accurately analyze information and situations. You are not satisfied until you know the reason behind something and you are difficult to fool. Your lower case F looks like a figure 8 and this means that you have significant intellectual fluency. You are able to switch your train of thought instantly and one thought quickly follows another, and this is an indicator of literary talent. You have an inborn talent for writing and should develop it if you have not already done so. You also have interest and talent in other artistic, cultural, creative, and musical areas.

O.S., the secondary loops in your small Os tell me that you are secretive and reticent. You live in a world where atmosphere, color, and environment are vital. You display a form of reserve and isolation, a philosophical and spiritual independence, and a secrecy about your life. You desire to impress others with your appearance and your work, and you have a strong liking for neatness and orderliness and are concerned with details.

You are energetic, tenacious, practical, conscientious, determined, disciplined, reliable, honest, and not afraid of challenges.

You do like having things your way and you need to guard against vanity and stubbornness. You like living “the good life” and you can be sensual as well as suspicious, domineering and pitilessly logical.

O.S., you are a bright, talented, and cultured person and I hope you have found (or will find) a way to use all these gifts constructively.

Much good luck.