Chop a bun!
Let’s start with the happy birthdays this week: On August 9 say it to Dianne Becker, T.J. Janopoulos and Danny Seveda; on August 10 to Connie Robey; August 11 is the happy birthday of Rebecca Greskoviak, Allison Pacyga eleven year old Jake Brown; on August 12 it’s Phil Jilek, Al Verri, and Mary Liebner. August 13 is the birthday of Linda Brhel, Dakota Staiger and Elizabeth Moravec; August 14 happy birthday to Grant Neubeiser; a happy August 15 birthday to Reid Thoompson; on the 16th to Colleen Murray and Rocco Cirrintano.

And now for something completely different?a guest columnist (paraphrased), local artist Dawn Ferencak and her story of the Swine Lake pig in front of 141 South Oak Park Avenue., home of the Forest Park Review.

The story of her pig is as follows: Students of the Ferencak Galley and School of Art got their idea for a pig when they all went to see the recent atypical production of Swan Lake in Chicago. The Mathew Bourne interpretation was, to say the least, atypical. The dancers being sweaty, hairy males and other unsavory characters. But the Ferencak art students agreed that this would be a perfect theme for their pig.

Pre-schoolers from Granny’s Corner Child Care applied the base coat while their instructor Miss Ella taught Spanish around the pig as the little ones painted away. Maria Gillet, advanced teen student, joined the adult class, Susan King led the research design committee, such things as ballet slippers, fiberglass swan bill, tutu. Maria even worked through a thunderstorm to make sure the bill stayed put.

Other dedicated artists included Ferencak students Susan Anderson, Michelle Donat, Susan Matta, and Pat Skinner. These same artists designed a planter that was used in the Forest Park Progressive Dinner a few weeks ago. This planter was designed to highlight the art of early 1900’s Russian artist Kandinsky. And the winner of the planter was the Review’s own Tony Bell!! The Ferencak Art School is ready for any projects anyone wants done. If you would like to join them or you would like more information on the Ferencak Gallery & School of Art, just call (708) 807.0133. Or website

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...