A groov’n thank you

On behalf of the Howard Mohr Community Center, I am extending our sincere appreciation to Golden Steer, Healy’s Westside, Mugsy’s and Murphy’s Pub for their generous donations to our Groov’n in the Grove summer concert series. Also, a special thank you to Dave Novak and staff. Also to the Park District of Forest Park for the use of their stage.

Beverly Thompson, Community Center director
Forest Park

A swing and a hit for women’s softball tournament

As director and coordinator of the second annual “Swing For Life” women’s softball tournament, I would like to thank everyone who worked so very hard to help put this very successful fundraising event together. Thank you to all of our sponsors, especially the Park District of Forest Park, Harrison Street Cafe, McGaffers, Liquor Union Local #3, Ultra Foods, Reich & Becker, Park Dodge, Palomo’s Auto Repair, Brown Cow, McDonald’s, Village of Forest Park, Forest Park Police Department, Team Blonde, Chuck and Joan Pelligrino, Cocina Los Lobos, The Path, Two Fish, LaPiazza, Designs in Cross Stitch, CHBB Inc., Pleasant Surprises, Doc Ryan’s, Lori Kokenas, Jewel Foods, Francesca’s Fiore, Hildebrand’s and H & R Towing. I would also like to thank all of the ballplayers, the volunteers and the kids from the Hugs Not Drugs program for all of their hard work. Great job everyone!

Sheri Ladd
Harrison Street Cafe

Car radios are noise issue in Forest Park

I would like to make a suggestion on how to help improve the noise situation in Forest Park, specifically in regards to loud radios in cars.

Newer cars have radio systems which enhance the low frequency sounds they make. Low frequency sounds, unlike high frequency sounds, can go through solid objects like trees and walls, and this explains why people inside their houses, with all their windows closed, will still get shaken by the thumping noise of a car radio driving by, up to a block or more away.

The nuisance produced by people who own cars with such a noise system is remarkable. Thankfully, the Village Code clearly specifies that “Operating or permitting to operate any sound amplification system within a motor vehicle which can be heard from outside the vehicle at a distance of fifty feet (50′) or more (Ord. O-36-00, 8-14-2000)” is prohibited and will result in a pricey fine.

Yet there is one more problem to overcome. Many Forest Parkers do not know about the Village Code. I approached three different drivers over the summer who play their loud radios by our house every day, and when I told them that this is not allowed in Forest Park, they replied, “Oh, no. That is only for Oak Park.” They had only seen the signs south of the expressway that are posted in gas stations in Oak Park, so I told them to go check out the signs posted north of the expressway in Forest Park. But while I can talk to my neighbors, it is difficult to also reach all their friends and family who come visit often or to reach outsiders who come to Forest Park to shop or dine, but do not stop by our gas stations.

This is why I would like to request that such signs are posted in as many parking lots as possible, particularly the ones around restaurant areas, supermarkets and liquor stores on Madison Street and Roosevelt Road. Such a move would greatly improve awareness, and result in a more pleasant environment for everybody.

J. Johnson
Forest Park

What is mayor’s role in police dept.?

Dear Mayor Calderone,

It seems like many of the questions and issues surrounding you and the Forest Park Police Department revolve around the question, “What is the mayor’s role in the police department in the commissioner form of government?”

Different people will have different answers to this question. Since I started writing this e-mail it has occurred to me I should ask Patrick Doolin the question too.

What do you think the mayor’s proper role is in police matters in Forest Park?

Carl Nyberg
Forest Park