Dear Tina,

Thank you so much for your note and writing sample. It is good to hear from people as far away as New York City.

Tina, your handwriting slants to the right and falls on the baseline. It is very heavy, fast, disconnected and has an interesting combination of cursive and printed letters.

Disconnected writing means that you do not connect all your letters and this means that you are a very intuitive person. You can sense things before they actually happen, and you have the ability to sense or feel an answer through a hunch or premonition. This is also an indicator of musical talent. Although you are a very intelligent person you make decisions based more on how you feel than on what you think.

This combination of written and printed letters also suggests that you are artistic as well as intuitive. You are interested and knowledgeable about music, theater, literature, and many of the fine arts. You are certainly a cultural and refined person.

Your handwriting is heavy and slants downward. Heavy writing means that you are an emotionally intense person. You carry the feelings of happiness and the scars of hurt for a long time. You love beauty, elegance and refinement. Your senses are extremely keen so you are a sensual person. Food, sex, color, and atmosphere are very important to you, and the source of great frustration when absent.

You are a person with energy, vitality, tenacity, and determination, and you are working very hard on self-control.

Tina, the fact that your writing falls from the beginning to the end of the line means that you are dealing with sadness, depression, disappointment, unhappiness, and discouragement. This sometimes gives you a pessimistic world view.

Your capital “I” is looped at the top but not on the bottom, which suggests to me that you didn’t have an adequate relationship with your father, and consequently have neuer learned to relate well to men. You are vulnerable to male dominance, and I think this may be the cause of your sadness and disappointment.

Your writing is very fast and slants to the right. You write fast because you think quickly, so I know you are very intelligent as well as very generous. You are outgoing, sociable, friendly, spontaneous, enthusiastic, affectionate, empathic, compassionate, and very much of a humanitarian.

Because you are so emotional you can also be irritable, angry (frequently at yourself), easily influenced, and impatient.

You are a proud and dignified woman, Tina, with a good deal of self respect, but you are dealing with some inner conflicts needing resolution.

If you have not already done so, I suggest that you attempt to deal with your issues by talking with a therapist.

Peace and good luck to you and Happy Labor Day.

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