Sympathy to the families of Margaret Crawford and Marge Lambke, two Forest Park icons. Former editor of the Review Larry Kaercher, used to say that when a Lambke ran for public office, they won before ever getting out of bed in the morning. There were so many of them. Married women who no longer carried the name “Lambke” were Lambkes nonetheless. Now Dorothy is the sole survivor of her famous and rather large family. Joanne Lieber is a Lambke, so is Irene O’Shea. That 1500 block of Marengo has changed for ever.

Attention all Forest Park mystery fans! Lisa Buehler, native Forest Parker, has based her fourth Grace Marsden novel on a town quite similar to Forest Park (it is Forest Park, but don’t tell anybody). Buehler will be at Centuries & Sleuths, signing copies of the novel “Scoutmaster” on Saturday, Oct. 7.

Lia and David Fleuke have returned from a romantic getaway in the mountain village of LaMagica, Mexico. This little town north of Mexico City is where friends of the Fleukes live in their hilltop home with a guest house.

Did we congratulate Danny Goodman, son of Laura and Ben Goodman? Danny graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in business.

Beverly Thompson, so famous for her Wednesday Mystery Trips, outdid herself in mystery trips this time. She told her dearest, best friend, Sandy Byrnes to pack for a birthday excursion to “some place warm.” Not until the ladies reached the airport did Beverly divulge the destination-San Antonio, Texas. There the women enjoyed the best San Antonio has to offer, including dinner on the river. Of course they did the Alamo, the famous homes and the intense heat. But it was the best birthday present Sandy ever got.

By the way, there may be a few seats open on the Amana Colonies Trip Oct. 25 to 27. This trip includes a stop at the Herbert Hoover Library and lots of bingo and casino activity.

Congratulations to new grandparents The Scott Entlers and The Tim Rehors on the birth of Madeline Olivia Entler. Baby Madeline’s parents are Eric and Rachel Entler.

Good news! The Boar’s Head Festival will return to Saint John this Christmas season. This pageant is one of the most thrilling activities of the holiday season. I am so happy it’s returning. Thanks to Mark Waldron whose imagination and talent began the tradition and also to David Zimmer who carried it on for several years after Mark left us for Concordia. Bring it on!

There will be a Forest Park History Tour on Oct. 21. Places of historic interest around town have been researched by John Rice who will narrate the event. Cost of the bus ride is $15.

Happy birthday to Toni Terrana, Amanda Koehne, 7-year-old, Nicholas Garlisch 7-year-old Michael Dylan Clifton, and John Michael Deering; on Sept. 7 Millie Mango wherever she is; on Sept. 8 Aaron Bakartis will be 8-years-old. Christine and Joe Carr have a birthday and so does Todd Marler; Sept. 9 and happy birthday to Clayton Davis, Kirk Scully, Karen Conway Kurey and John Erickson; on Sept. 10 Mr. and Mrs. Tony Calderone celebrate another wedding anniversary as do John and Catherine Trage; and Rick Stefrani has a birthday; on the Sept. 11. Happy anniversary to Carol and Dave Novak and birthday wishes to Diane Huebner who was born on her mother’s birthday so happy birthday to Betty Huebner,too. Also Marion Flight; on Sept. 12. Anniversary greetings to Guy and Katina Macino (gone away, but never forgotten), and happy birthday wishes to Nicole Walsh.

Faleminderit and Mirupafshim (remember?thank you and see you later. Albanian lesson thanks to Mr. Prahmani).

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