Dear Anne,

Thank you so much for your note and handwriting sample.

No, I won’t tell you that you are creative and intelligent. The reason I won’t tell you is that you know it already, and your handwriting confirms it.

Your writing is very legible and slants to the right. It is heavy, has wide spaces between the lines and words, and has very tall upper and lower strokes.

These tall upper strokes (T, L, and D) also have no loops. This tells me you are an extremely proud person. You are idealistic, spiritual, a perfectionist, and constantly trying to reach the unobtainable. Your philosophy of life is restricted. You are cautious and your code of ethics is narrow so you suffer guilt and self-condemnation as a result of your limited beliefs. It is very difficult for you to accept new religious concepts and you are very selective in choosing the few people who get to know you. Your friends have interests similar to your own, and you don’t mind spending time alone.

You are a very proud and dignified person and are more of a conformist than an individualist. It is difficult for you to let go of past relationships and possessions.

Anne, you have a deeply probing mind. You are self-analytical and self-sufficient. You are also realistic, determined, secretive, strong-willed, persistent, responsible and are completely free of disillusion. You have a good ego balance so you are emotionally stable and dependable. Your mind disciplines your emotions and your feelings are strong.

You are really a well adjusted person.

The significant right slant of your handwriting means that you are emotional, enthusiastic, kind, sociable, optimistic, generous and affectionate, but these strong emotions are always held in check.

Your long, slender down strokes show that you deeply appreciate the beauty of statues, vases, paintings, and anything else in the arts. You have a natural aptitude for symmetry and line configurations. You would do well in the field of commercial art. You also have a natural gift for music, even if you are not a trained musician.

You are ambitious Anne, and not afraid of challenges. You think quickly so you are constantly in need of mental stimulation. As a result you have many interests, a great deal of energy, and a strong desire for change and variety.

Your sharp letters show that you are sensitive, refined, discriminating and artistic.

You need to guard against anxiety, isolation and resentment, but you are obviously a fine and talented person.

Enjoy the nice fall weather.

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