Old Forest Parkers had empty side lots. New Forest Parkers are learning the meaning of “close neighbors.”

Old Forest Parkers remember visiting neighborhood candy stores. New Forest Parkers are living in them.

Old Forest Parkers built dormers. New Forest Parkers add second stories.

In old Forest Park, kids took short cuts through back yards. In new Forest Park, kids wouldn’t get past the first privacy fence.

Old Forest Parkers hosted parties in their garages. New Forest Parkers have decks.

Old Forest Parkers played basketball in alleys with broken surfaces. Now the alleys are smooth but new Forest Parkers don’t put up hoops.

Old Forest Park had troublesome basketball courts. New Forest Park replaced them with scary skateboard ramps.

The sledding hill in old Forest Park was off the Circle Avenue bridge. New Forest Park kids might find it tough sliding down into the dog park.

In old Forest Park, eighth-grade graduation triggered tearful goodbyes. In new Forest Park, the graduates might see each other again at the math and science academy.

Old Forest Parkers drank beer. New Forest Parkers are partial to wine.

Old Forest Park had a farm-town form of government. New Forest Park has a farm-town form of government, with three horses pulling in one direction and two pulling the opposite way.

Long-term public works employees served old Forest Park. The same guys are still serving new Forest Park.

When old Forest Parkers went to the pool, they swam in a small lake. New Forest Park shrunk the pool and added slides but they didn’t change a thing in the locker rooms.

Old Forest Park moms might bring a pack of cigarettes to the playground. New Forest Park moms are more likely to bring a water bottle.

Oktoberfest in old Forest Park was a raucous affair on Roosevelt Road. St. Bernardine’s resurrected Oktoberfest for new Forest Parkers and it’s happening this weekend.

New Forest Park has Summerfest, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the wildly successful Rib Off. Old Forest Park had Oktoberfest, a raucous affair on Roosevelt Road.

Old Forest Parkers had to leave town for ice cream. New Forest Park has two parlors.

Old Forest Park briefly had a movie theater during the 1920s. New Forest Park briefly had a movie theater in the 1980s.

Old Forest Park’s soccer field was a dustbowl in the summer and a skating rink in the winter. New Forest Park has a lighted all-weather field.

Old Forest Parkers read about police department scandals. New Forest Parkers-ah, never mind.

Old Forest Park had houses sided with fake brick. New Forest Parkers are quickly covering these up.

Old Forest Park welcomed any kind of new development. New Forest Park can afford to be picky.

John Rice is a columnist/novelist who has seen his family thrive in Forest Park. He has published two books set in the village: The Ghost of Cleopatra and The Doll with the Sad Face.