Dear M,

Thank you so much for your note and writing sample.

Your handwriting is legible, neat, and has mixed slants on the letters. By mixed slants I mean that most of your letters are vertical or straight up and down, but some of them slant to the right (the “L” in line one), and some slant to the left (the “H” in line two).

This mixed slant means you are impressionable, lively, versatile, creative, and have many interests. It also means you are easily agitated and have a great desire for change and variety in your life. You sometimes feel anxious and others may see you as unpredictable.

Despite your mixed slants, the middle zone of your writing is strong so I know you have achieved an appropriate balance in your life. You are determined, realistic, practical, independent, and are a clear and constructive thinker. You are also mature and take a direct route to problem solving.

In action you are quick and decisive, so your originality and creativity are freely expressed. You are an intuitive thinker in the sense that you have the ability to sense or feel an answer through a hunch or premonition, and you often sense things before they actually happen. You also have he ability to speak and write well.

M, you are a self-conscious person. Meeting strangers is not easy for you because you feel they are critical of you. Attention causes you to be embarrassed. This self-consciousness is a symptom of your introversion. You are also self-analytical, shy, inhibited, lacking in confidence, and you have a tendency to worry. This introversion, however, also helps you to be patient, careful, reflective, methodical, and good at detail work.

In any case, you feel the need to maintain a safe emotional distance from others. It’s part of your operating process to reserve and restrain your natural instincts.

The legible nature of your handwriting means that you are honest, sincere, clear thinking, and conventional. You are sympathetic and kind to other people but you don’t overdo it. You want others to like you and you always want to be judged in a positive light. You are noncompetitive and have strong security needs. Changes in your home, family, or lifestyle are threatening to you. You desperately want to communicate and be accepted by other people.

You are living proof that one does not have to be the life of the party to be a good person and well liked.

Much good luck to you.

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