Traffic enforcement needed

I live in the senior building on the 1000 block of Desplaines Avenue and frequently catch a bus on the opposite side of the street.

The speeding traffic at this curve is very dangerous. Cars, buses and trucks totally ignore the speed limit no matter what time of day. I literally have to time the traffic and run across the street.

This serious problem was told to the mayor. I also wrote the previous chief of police. Nothing was done. So where is the radar or even a cop to pull everyone over?

The village would make a fortune from the multitude of offenders. Maybe then I can safely cross the street and the village could use the income to pay for all the litigation that’s going on within the police department, instead of the taxpayers.

Betty Bressman
Forest Park

Incumbent has proven record

I recently had an opportunity to sit down and talk with Mayor Calderone. I didn’t know we would be chatting but with the interest I have in the community; children of grammar school age, Roos building development and the Little League I certainly had some questions. We sat and discussed some of our concerns specifically of interest to children’s development, schools, adolescents, and gang activity to name a few. Although there was little in the way of resolution I came away feeling heard and appreciated. I had to factor in that this is an election year and clearly the mayor was looking for support. It was not lost on me when he asked how I felt the village was doing and did I like living here.

Soon thereafter I had occasion to view the web boards and saw the essay written by prospective candidate for mayor, Patrick Doolin. He alleges corruption in varying degrees and suggests favoritism in government contracts and jobs. He touts himself as a reformer and one who will play by the rules and govern fairly without bias or influence.

That all sounds very neat and nice and fits squarely into what most folks consider appropriate expectations if you believe Mr. Doolin’s accusations but there is something that is too neat, too nice. Perhaps I’m reminded of the conduct of leadership in Oak Park; highbrow elitism, bright but exclusive to itself. In other words one must belong to that club or the treatment is dismissive or contrite.

I have had occasion to run into Mr. Doolin and unfortunately I find him distant and cold. I would only speak to him with hellos and goodbyes. I certainly can’t imagine being comfortable in a casual conversation with him. Who would be his choices for appointments if he became mayor? Would any of his considerations be based on whom he knows and trusts or would he unyieldingly follow processes on each and every one. Could he be expedient and effective? I’m not so sure.

As much as people want to have honest politicians and square shooters govern, we have very little faith that will ever happen. Power corrupts, complete power corrupts completely. Or so they say. What is safe to assume with politicians? What then do we really want or expect?

Did I enjoy sitting down with the current mayor and talking things over? Yes. Would I feel the same with Mr. Doolin? No. It boils down to comfort levels then. Have I over simplified or am I nave? Maybe, but I know my life is complicated and as busy as any ones and I want to rely on my gut. If things get done and I feel protected then my representatives have done the largest part of their job and if they manage to gather perks(name one who hasn’t) along the way and don’t get caught at something illegal then I guess more power to them. I’ve got dinner to cook and homework to review and a multitude of other things that require my attention. I read the papers when time allows and I even write a smidge but can I spend my time attempting to clear or confirm corruption or exploitation of privilege at every turn? I say the press has a job to keep us posted and beyond that it is about doing. I believe Mr. Calderone heard me. He made himself available to me. I am not confident that Mr. Doolin can do the same.

Connie Custardo
Forest Park

Jackson responds to doubtful readers

I read this column and I see you need some additional facts from me pertaining to my character credibility on the subject of my academic credentials and my ability to write. First, I attended the La Salle University School of Law in Mandeville Louisiana. I was a law student at La Salle University School of Law from 1986 through 1989 and finished the Jurisprudence Doctoral program with a 3.0 (B) average. Secondly, as a law student I also attended National Conference of Black Lawyers Community College of Law. This school was accredited by the Illinois Board of Higher Education to give out the Doctor of Law (P. H. D.) and Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.). Thirdly, I was mentored by the world known International legal advocate Dr. Charles Knox who was the founder of this law school. I attended this law school from 1984 through 1986 and graduated with a P. H. D. with a 3.8 (B+) average. If you have any additional questions regarding this school please call Dr. Charles Knox at 1-312-674-1111. In conclusion, I am Dr. Negale T. Jackson who happens to be a male and not a female. These are some of my accomplishments.

Projects: Certified as a financial counselor for first time home owner May 2006, In January 2005 Received Making a difference in Englewood Leadership Award from Pullman Bank, Certified to do mediation in December of 2003 through the International Black Lawyers Dispute Resolution and Peace Makers Institute Certified through the YCWA Rape Crisis Advocate in May 2004, facilitated the National Conference of Black Lawyers Legal Clinic at Operation P. U. S. H., assisted the Honorable Arthur L. Turner 9th District Legislator in developing workshops and legislation for affordable housing for residents on the west side of Chicago under the Isaiah Plan, facilitated an alternative school for non traditional students at the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization at Operation P. U. S. H., assisted in formulating from its initial stages the North Lawndale Community Newspaper in which created a voice in the community, created the vehicle to bring as a grant writer to bring grants into the Nkrumah-Washington Community Learning Center.

Dr. Negale T. Jackson
Forest Park

Green Party offers choice

Dave Goetz’s column (Sept. 13) expresses dissatisfaction with both Gov. Rod Blogojevich and Judy Baar Topinka when it comes to voting for governor and mistakenly implies that these are the voters’ only choices. There is a third candidate on the ballot for governor, Rich Whitney of the Green Party. I would urge Dave, the Review and other readers to check out Whitney’s campaign platform at his web site, Rich Whitney is a refreshing voice for progressive change for Illinois.

Forest Park voters who live in the 8th state representative district (77th precinct) also will have a choice on Nov. 7 between the Democratic candidate and Nathan Helsabeck the Green Party candidate. With the death of the Republican candidate this has become a two person race and should be very interesting to watch.

I urge the Review to give serious consideration to Whitney and Helsabeck when it considers it’s endorsements for this 2006 election.

Art Kazar
Forest Park

Editorial cries wolf

“Mob rule”? You as members of a free press use that term to describe the right of the people to petition their government.

The people of Forest Park assembled peaceably to petition their village government to stop a high density development which would virtually destroy their neighborhood on Elgin Avenue. And your newspaper described this as “a crowd bent on or engaged in lawless behavior?”

You should be ashamed of yourselves. James Madison is turning over in his grave. We have nothing to fear from people petitioning their government, but we must greatly fear newspaper editors-with enormous power-who attempt to intimidate the people and their government with accusations of “mob rule.” Sounds like a newspaper in Russia or Cuba.

In attempting to intimidate the commission, you say you are concerned by the “gall of the village commissioners in ignoring the recommendations of paid staff.” They didn’t ignore the staffs, they agreed more with the people (voters). That’s the simple beauty of a democracy; of the people, by the people and for the people.

The commission has sent out a message to developers: the people have awakened and will no longer stand by and watch their neighborhoods be destroyed by monstrosities such as were allowed on the north end of the village.

Commissioners who have a conflict of interest will be voted out of office.

Granted, the zoning ordinances are a mess. But the mayor has accepted responsibility and we all recognize the urgency in changing and updating the entire code. What a great society, the people let the government know when they think a law or ordinance is harmful, and we work together to change it.

Maurice O’Connor
Forest Park

Library friends make donation

We wish to take this opportunity to thank the Friends of the Forest Park Public Library for their generous gift of $500. We are grateful for this wonderful show of support as well as for the donation. We look forward to developing a better library for all citizens of Forest Park.

Karen Childs
Citizens’ Committee for the Forest Park Public Library Referendum