New candidates up to their old tricks

Well the “Gag and Retch” season is now upon us. The first indicators have just recently popped up in the Review’s letters column. This phenomenon (as sure a thing as death and taxes) always hits me like a bad case of food poisoning.

For those new to gag and retch, it is caused by nauseating and syrupy pro-candidate or anti-candidate letters in the local paper. What we have seen so far is the typical entry-level stuff that shows up at the beginning of each election season, but rest assured the letters will get more saintly or villainous as time goes on. Before you know it the pro letters will tout super hero characteristics ala Spiderman and the anti letters, Lex Luther. The issues will go from zoning, garbage pick-up and alleys to peace in the Middle East, universal heath care and even abortion.

This is not a new system; in fact it is as old as campaigns themselves. Candidates give a list of talking points and timely topics and ask loyal, seemingly ordinary people to write and sign letters according to the script. In some cases the candidates or their aides write the letters themselves and just have the lackeys sign them.

Consider yourself warned and do as I do, keep a barf bag and paper towels where you do your reading, hold your nose and breath deep.

Steven Backman
Forest Park

CUinFP says thanks

Thank you to school District 91, Forest Park Public

Library and Ultra Foods for allowing Citizens United in Forest Park CUinFP) to conduct several very successful fall voter registration drives at their facilities. These cooperative ventures demonstrate the true spirit of our democratic society. Thank you also to Gigi Alfano for coordinating the events.

Gloria Backman
Citizens United in Forest Park (CUinFP)

Still not convinced of credentials

Negale T. Jackson’s response to doubtful readers is just as deceitful and misleading as his original letter.

He says he received a Ph.D. from the Black Lawyers Community college of Law, which he says is accredited by the Illinois Board of Higher Education, as well as a Ph.D. from La Salle University in Mandeville, La. I consulted with the Illinois Board of Higher Education and discovered that they do not accredit any schools, colleges, or Universities (it is not their function), and the representatives I spoke with from the IBHE have never heard of the Black Lawyers Community College of Law.

Also, there is no listing whatever of a La Salle University in Mandeville, La., in the American Directory of College and Universities as there is no listing for the Black Lawyers Community College of Law.

If this person is serious about running for mayor of Forest Park, he had better start telling the truth.

James Murray
Forest Park
Editor’s note: James Murray is a columnist for the Forest Park Review.

Referendum support

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Forest Printing for their generous donation of 1,000 flyers that they printed for us. We appreciate their willingness to help the Library. As we develop a better library, the whole community will benefit, and Forest Printing can be proud to have had a part in this.

Karen Childs
Citizens’ Committee for the Forest Park Public Library Referendum

Last but not least

My apologies to Spotless Carwash for not mentioning their donation to our Rib Off on Sept. 16. We appreciate the certificates which were given away with a $20 beverage purchase.

Beverly Thompson
Community Center Director