A second village commissioner is announcing her intentions to run for the mayor’s office in the Spring 2007 local elections, and the race is shaping up to be a crowded contest.

Commissioner Terry Steinbach is the third candidate to publicly state they will challenge incumbent Anthony Calderone for the seat. Steinbach joins fellow commissioner Patrick Doolin and Negale Jackson, a resident who recently announced his candidacy through a letter published in the Review.

“I’m running for the mayor’s office because I think I can do a better job for the residents of Forest Park than the current mayor,” Steinbach said.

An official campaign kick off is scheduled for Oct. 22, during which Steinbach intends to announce her platform and strategies for winning the office.

Calderone, a two-time incumbent seeking his third term, said he expects all of his opponents to rely on mud-slinging tactics because his performance record can’t be challenged. The mayor cited “jealousy” and other like motives behind the two commissioners’ decisions to run for the office.

“I strongly believe there is no candidate in the field?that can say Mayor Calderone has done a bad job for Forest Park,” Calderone said. “I think the only campaign is going to be a negative campaign, one that attacks my character.”

Steinbach said she has no intention of launching personal attacks, and instead will focus on the philosophical differences between herself and Calderone. Her views on financial management, economic development and transparency in government differ from that of the incumbent, Steinbach said.

“I’m not playing the character attack game,” Steinbach said. “If they want to play that way then let the boys play.”

Doolin announced his candidacy in early August and since winning election to the village council has sparred with Calderone on a number of issues. Doolin has said he will focus on transparency and reducing wasteful spending in Forest Park.

Candidates running for municipal office can not register for the April 17 election until the week of Dec. 11, according to Village Clerk Vanessa Moritz. If there are at least three candidates for mayor, a primary will be held on Feb. 27.