Thanks for a good day at FPMS

I would like to extend a thank you to the middle school principal Ms. Karen Bukowski, assistant principal and Mrs. Beth Kovacic, teachers, Shay Broaddus, Donna Budil, Marie Carlisle, Rebecca Ciardullo, Steve Drent, Sara Fergus, Grace Finn, Beverly Forbes, Paul Forsyth, Chrystal Freeman, Julissa Gonzalez-Kotvasz, Michelle Gossett, Stacey Harris, Jennifer Hays, Richard Hearn, Carolyn Leahy, Bob Liddell, Laurie McDevitt, Rasheedah Muhammad, Anne Rack, Phil Radke, Barbara Rummel, Nick Spanuello, Dan Staser, Rebecca and Michael Stiglitz, Rachael Tengler, Margaret Walsh, Ellen Wehrle and Kim Miller. The middle school students and parents of the Forest Park Middle School, the surprise referee Mrs. Wendy Trotter and to all who bought raffle tickets.

There was a fund-raiser students vs. teachers basketball game in my honor. I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for all their efforts in raising money due to my illness.

Everyone, from the people in the stands, the players and especially my family had a great time. I can remember from my days at the Forest Park Middle School how teachers were not just those people who taught you, but rather, they were your friends and confidents. I’m happy to say that is still the climate at the middle school. It hasn’t been that long ago when I was in school so it didn’t surprise me to see this between the students and staff, but my aunt on the other hand couldn’t get over the rapport shared between the faculty and the student body. It was a great experience.

Because my health condition has cause me to have more bad days than good ones, this one day lifted by spirits beyond belief. Words cannot express exactly how much I thank each and every one of you.

The main fund-raiser is going to be held on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 10, 2007, at 115 Bourbon Street located at 3359 W. 115th St. in Chicago. Because this is a bar, children will not be allowed to attend, but I do extend an invitation to all staff members and families in the middle school community. Please check my website at for information regarding all that will take place on Feb. 10 and the raffle prizes offered.

Tony Giglio
Forest Park

Pay the bills

The mayor appeared incredulous last night after the council met a stalemate on approving the village’s bills to be paid. In all his years on the village council, since 1995, he claimed this had never happened before. The result? No bills will be paid! Why? Because two commissioners didn’t want to pay certain vendors. They wanted the vendor’s bills pulled and not because services weren’t rendered, or the services were inadequate, but because they didn’t believe in the philosophy behind ordering the services.

These commissioners (mayoral candidates) have got to go! It’s bad enough that one of them is actually suing the village, the very entity she took an oath to protect, over what looks like a trumped up accusation with absolutely no proof so she can look victimized for political gain. The other caused a law suit by having someone arrested that was clearly protected by the First Amendment. He never agrees to paying the bills ‘cuz it includes legal fees involving his good friends.

Now they are causing the village to be negligent in paying its bills? If they have a problem with employee spending then take that up with the employee. Clearly these folks don’t have the interest of the community at heart. This is unbelievable!

Richard Bertucci
Forest Park

Unfair laws

Here are two relevant perspectives to share with all Forest Parkers in regards to eminent domain and tear-downs.

At issue is the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, the relevant part of which reads thusly: ?Nor shall property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Unfortunately that isn’t the way the system works. If you own land in the United States of America, you own that land only at the government’s pleasure. This is why the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the City of New London in the now famous Kelo case. What New London did was completely legal.

But was it right?

No, it wasn’t. If the rights of the individual are not respected, then we are not a free nation. If true property ownership, immune to the avarice of developers and the myopia of most elected officials, means that I have to drive an extra mile or two to buy a sack of potatoes then so be it, I’ll go the extra mile. For every person who benefits from eminent domain abuse there is another that suffers. The laws must be changed.

This quote is a personal favorite of mine. It was conceived by a local Chicago-land professional photographer. Given the task of taking pictures of condemned buildings his power of observation became affected, later taking up the cause of preservation in order to save a few.

“Old buildings only have two natural enemies, one is water, and the other is stupid men.”

Bob Cox
Forest Park

Obnoxious behavior

In response to the article regarding a sign hanging above Doc Ryan’s, my only question is why does Patrick Doolin feel it necessary to call the paper? That is obnoxious. Seems to me there are more important issues going on in this village than a sign being posted. When Doc Ryan’s got a call on Nov. 25 to question the sign I was surprised, I was not surprised when Mr. Adams stated that Patrick Doolin made a complaint. I find that most obnoxious!

Mr. Adams called asking where we got the sign and whether we were aware of an ordinance regarding election campaign signs. As I told him, I asked for a sign at the fund-raiser held in honor of the mayor and also stated we were not aware of the ordinance. I told Mr. Adams I would check with the village and if we were in violation I would remove the sign. With the village being closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, I called first thing Monday morning. Vanessa Moritz and Mike Sturino confirmed there was an ordinance so the sign was removed immediately.

The only thing I didn’t understand was the sign said nothing about “re-elect Mayor Calderone,” “elect Mayor Calderone”, etc., it just said “Mayor Calderone.” What is the big deal? The big deal is that Patrick Doolin had to run to this newspaper to get his name in here any way he can. How obnoxious is that?

All a normal, professional adult had to do is have someone call us and advise us of the ordinance and the sign would have been removed. Why does everything Doolin say or do end up in this paper. I think that is obnoxious! Believe me folks most of what Doolin complains about or says is not as important as the issues this village faces on a day-to-day basis. Doc Ryan’s supports Mayor Calderone and will continue to through this election. Thirty days prior to the election the sign will be reposted. Patrick Doolin, you are the obnoxious one. If I were you I would stick to selling real estate and leave politics to the professionals.

Cathy Shaw
River Forest

We support expansions

The Forest Park Main Street Redevelopment Association is pleased to hear that the village has begun to address the existing parking shortage on and around Madison Street. We implore you to have the fortitude to push these endeavors forward, as relief is needed as soon as possible. Although the recent proposal will only provide a portion of the shortfall, it would be both helpful and symbolic of the village’s commitment to sustain the dynamic progress achieved over the past several years.

While we have empathy for those who may have to negotiate a sales price for their homes or face eminent domain, the greater good of both the residential and business components in proximity to Madison Street will benefit from such action. The value of Forest Park real estate will continue to rise, so it is fiscally prudent to address the shortage now. Any effort in this regard will take six months to two years before we realize any additional parking.

Parking is needed to maintain the positive momentum and investment of time, money and energy from both the village and business while providing street parking relief on the side streets for our residential neighbors. We agree that by expanding existing lots the neighborhood impact will be minimized and traffic flow on both Circle and Madison streets will be enhanced.

We look forward to the expansion of both the Circle lots and the connection and expansion of Constitution Court, and hope other sites can be located and obtained in a timely manner. The surface lot solution has been demonstrated to be both cost effective and a means to distribute spaces amongst the blocks.

The Board of Directors
Forest Park Main Street Redevelopment Association