You’re in luck. I fell, banged up my knee and face, am in pain and can’t walk, so I’m giving myself a pass this week.

But first, let me send my condolences to the friends and family of Alice Conway. We all remember Alice from her years with the Park District, and I was informed by her son that she died recently. Please accept my deepest sympathies.

On a civic note, whoever saw 100 people in village hall last Monday on Dec. 11 must have had a patch over one eye. There was standing room only even when I left at about 9 p.m.

The crowd was overwhelmingly against scooping up houses to make room for cars. Some business and bank people said they were sympathetic to those whose homes would be destroyed. Ha! Lori Lipkin made the point that Forest Park boasts “small town charm.” Small indeed. In time, Forest Park could be a few houses surrounded by parking lots.

Rich Scaffidi made a lot of sense noting that there isn’t much available horizontal space left in town, but there is lots of room vertically. Why not build a four-tiered parking garage giving room to almost 100 additional cars. There were so many articulate speakers I was bursting with pride at the brilliance of our Forest Park residents.

And a note to engineers: “parcels” may be just parcels to you but to the neighbors and dwellers in those parcels it is something intangible for which money cannot compensate.

Well, on to the birthdays: Dec. 21, Diana Dylewski, Scott Popelka, Kaylee Ross (Mark Ross sends Christmas greetings to all his old neighbors and friends); Dec. 22, Angelina Cote, Jennifer Vince and J.P Miceli; on the 23rd, Nadia Kahn, Peggy Madden and Angel D’Souza; Dec. 24, Daniel Gerger, Lauren Duvell, Vince Cirrintano, Norm Hopp, Bill Kaup; on the 25th, Christmas babies Monica Saleeb, Jay Milano; Dec. 26, Joe Hein, Michael Rausch, Mel Noel; and on Dec. 27, birthday greetings go to Ryan Patrick Mintz; on Dec. 28, Janet Scheiwe and Suzy Bjornson; Dec. 29, Butch Jargstorf, Angela Spinelli, Tom Ahern, Nick Horvath, Mario Tricoci and happy anniversary to Bob and Bar Sullivan.

Speedy get well wishes to Laureen Thornton who was back in the hospital, but is home again as of this writing. Sit down, Lauareen and do nothing. Chris will get it. Laureen’s Kiwanis friends are waving a Merry Christmas greeting to her and to all of us from the Pines where they held their annual Christmas party.

Also, my dog Callahan wishes everyone a Merry Christmas on behalf of his cat roommates Peppermint and Annie and from his caregiver, me.