It’s supposed to be true that the world is a mirror of yourself, and in Alice Conway’s case it was true. She saw beauty and wonder in everyone and had the enviable quality of making everyone like themselves more after having been with her.

Alice Conway died on Dec. 16 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s.

There was a time in Forest Park when everyone knew Alice Conway because hers was the familiar face at the window dispensing swimming passes, enrolling kids and adults in hockey, basketball, dancing lessons and whatever else the Park District was offering. Alice started with a part-time job at the park many years ago. Then on Christmas morning, 1968 her husband Mick was found dead and life changed. Left with five young kids, Larry, Cathy, Mark, Karen and Danny, she did what had to be done and went on to a full-time position and a career at the park.

Mark Conway gave the funeral oration as only he could. No notes, no pretensions, probably not much preparation either; just heartbreaking words from his heart to his mother’s and to ours. Everyone had been praying and waiting for Alice to go because the disease had taken her from us years ago. But when it actually happened we all broke down.

Sympathy to Alice’s sister Ida Crystal, as well as to her neighbors on Marengo Avenue, her friends from the park, Saint Bernardine’s, her card clubs, her kids and the rest of her family.

Birthdays to finish up the old year and begin the new: Dec. 28, Janet Scheiwe, Suzy Bjornson; Dec. 29, Butch Jargstorf, Mario Tricoci, Angela Spinelli, Tom Ahern, Nick Horvath and happy 50th wedding anniversary to Barb and Bob Sullivan; Dec. 30 birthdays include, Hunter Treiber, Mark Rice, Brenda Riske Powers, Tom Cannon and Ryan Neff; on New Year’s Eve Dec. 31, Lauren Tragewas born; New Year’s Day, Jan. 1, happy birthday to Amy Hocheimer, Carol O’Donnell, Rich Gray, Rita Trage, Caitlin Miller, Vic Bisluk; on the 2nd, Jenny Jargstorf, Renee Rausch; Jan. 3, Alice and Lara Mellin.

Best wishes for a new year full of rich experiences, good health and peace.