Forty Years Ago

Why is autumn called fall when winter is the season of slips and slides? A number of human beings from Forest Park found themselves aloft for the approximate 1.5 seconds to complete the round trip. Russell Lacy of 328 Marengo Ave. was brought down by an icy patch, bopping his skull on a cement stairwell. Commissioner Gus Heider took a header from a village sweeper banging his knee real hard. Had he not broken the fall with one hand it could’ve been an even harder Heider header.

Not to make fun, but 68-year-old Richard Wunderlich did an impromptu dance on a frozen walkway and was treated for facial abrasions, while Eva Hall, 82, who suffered from arthritis, took a tumble down a flight of stairs in her home.

To end on an “up” note, Ms. Hall’s fall reminded me of the time Jack Benny attended the renaming of Waukegan High School to Jack Benny High School. His comment: “You know, I don’t deserve this, but I’ve got arthritis and I don’t deserve that, either.” Good ol’ Jack Benny.

From the Nov. 10, 1966, Forest Park Review

Thirty Years Ago

Pretty good letter from an irate first-time letter writer-who also happened to have arthritis: “I have to write you while I’m still furious with the Department of Streets. I was out raking leaves and had a big pile of them at the front curb. I had bagged half of these, as requested by the village, when a city vacuum machine picked up a loose pile on either corner of Jackson and Adams and continued down the street, passing me entirely.

Why should I aggravate my arthritis and blood pressure to help the village employees? Thanks for listening.” – NWBR (Name Withheld By Request.)

“Dear Sally: When I was a child I believed in Santa and the Easter Bunny. My world of fantasy was a happy one and certainly had no ill effects on my life. Our two children, ages 4 and 6, are very happy too with their belief in Santa Claus and the Easter Rabbit. However, my husband’s mother is raising a big storm over the “lies” we are telling them. Do you think I should tell her outright to please mind her own business? Missouri Mom.”

“Dear Mom: Better that your husband tell his mother to button up. The teaching and guiding of children is the responsibility of their parents, and no one should interfere, whether the subject is manners, discipline or fantasy.”

From the November 1976 issues of the Forest Park Review

Twenty Years Ago

Village Commissioner Lorraine Popelka officially announced her candidacy in the race for mayor, come April, 1987. Incumbent Mayor Fred Marunde, 51, along with most Forest Parkers, reacted to the news with no surprise. However, Marunde added that he had to focus on some personal matters before declaring another run. Popelka, 55, was elected that spring-the first female to hold the mayor’s job here. She was re-elected in 1991 only to lose to Tony Calderone in 1995.

From the Nov. 12, 1986, issue of the Forest Park Review

Ten Years Ago

Here’s an add-on to the spirited lady whose birthday was remembered here last week-Emma Lauth. She had lost her husband, Joe-a pedestrian victim in an auto accident – yet possessed a liveliness that couldn’t be quenched. No retirement home for Emma, she lived by herself. A vegetarian most of her life, she refused to have anything to do with doctors. She and her “Joe” never owned an automobile and walked everywhere, including to and from Wrigley Field! No children, but a world of memories. Her only weakness was her neighbor’s fudge. Quite a lady.

Who Remembers? character actor Dub Taylor? Sally Struthers? comedian George Kirby? ice skater Michael Kirby? TV host Durward Kirby? the Brown Derby? the Kentucky Derby? Debbie, Frank and Burt Reynolds

From the Oct 29, 1986, Forest Park Review