The sun is rising about one minute earlier each day and setting three our four minutes later! Hooray! We’ve almost made it through another winter. This one seemed especially long, dark and cold to me.

Amy Schulz is new to Forest Park and an enthusiastic Bears fan. She was there in the snow watching the Bears win last week. Did she bring back a shirt? A scarf? A pennant? No, she came home with a really Bears-sized cold.

Barbara Sullivan skipped the game and went to Symphony Center to hear Winton Marsalis. A better and warmer choice I’d say.

Congratulations to the fire chief and Mrs. Steve Glinke on the birth of their first child, a baby girl. Caroline Rose Glinke was born Jan. 17. Proud grandparents are Shirley and Bob Hamilton and Shirley and Bob Glinke.

Shirley Hamilton was in the hospital during all the excitement, but we trust she is doing well now.

Olivia Schauer, new baby daughter of Mike and Donna Schauer, arrived on Jan. 22. Baby Olivia’s paternal grandparents are Wayne and Sandy Schauer of Ace Hardware on Madison Street. On Jan. 14 in Las Vegas, Michael and Angelina Marcantonio surprised us all and became Mr. and Mrs. Michael’s parents are Gary and Becky Marcantonio. Grandmother of the groom is Rita Marcantonio.

It’s “coffee” season in Forest Park. Attending or giving a “coffee” is not necessarily an endorsement of the candidate, merely an expression of your interest in knowing what he or she is all about. In the informal atmosphere of a home, it is often easier to express your views, ask questions, that sort of thing. So fire up that old coffee pot and think up some questions. It’s your village.

Reservations are being taken now at the community center for Branson, Mo., May 7 through the 11. Call 771-7737 for more information. (Bart Simpson once explained to Milhouse that Branson is what Las Vegas would be if it had been designed by Ned Flanders).

Seniors are eligible for free income tax service on Tuesdays if they make an appointment. That’s Tuesdays from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. No charge for this service compliments of AARP. Transportation is available, if you arrange for it ahead of time.

February 1 birthday wishes to Megan Childs, Becky Lauris, Rose Krieger and Sally Cody; on the 2nd, happy anniversary to John and Marie Spence and happy birthday to Rose Everson; Ashley Mendez on the 3rd; on the 4th, Laura Courtney; Feb. 6th, Stacy Locascio, Anne Spence and Cherise Stewart.