Village parking crunch warrants futher study

I can only assume that all of the Forest Park residents are aware that we need parking. I can only assume the majority of us know that parking being discussed in council meetings deals with the business owners in our village. I trust that all know that each and every house purchased by the village is removed from the tax rolls and that tax dollars will be pro-rated and added to your tax bill in one way or another.

How many houses have been purchased by the village? I don’t know. How much did it cost to make a parking lot? I don’t know. How many thousands of dollars over the last 10 to 15 years have been removed from our tax rolls? I don’t know, but it is safe to say many thousands of dollars.

I feel what is needed here is a report or an analysis of how we have offset the expense to the village and how the purchase of private homes benefits the taxpayer. How long does it take for a lot to pay for itself?

Have we demanded that a business owner help pay for the homes since they seem to benefit the most? Have we seen a huge increase in tax dollars paid by business owners because of an increase in business?

In other words, publish all and/or both sides of the problem in detail prior to just buy-and-try.

Alfred Bucholtz
Forest Park

Be informed

Last Thursday, I braved below freezing temperatures to attend the candidate for mayor forum sponsored by Citizens United in Forest Park. I was impressed with the large number of other residents who also attended.

Unfortunately, Mayor Calderone chose not to attend (no reason given) but the two candidates who did were impressive. Both Patrick Doolin and Terry Steinbach gave thoughtful answers to the questions submitted by audience members.

Every election is important. The Feb. 27 primary will decide which two candidates for mayor will be on the ballot for the April 17 election. It could have an enormous impact on the future of our village.

I would like to encourage everyone to attend the candidate’s forum this evening at 6:45 p.m. at the middle school.

Barbara Plona
Forest Park

Most appreciated

The family of Mildred Molzan, who died on Jan. 24, and Timothy Molzan, who died Dec. 31, 2006, would like to thank all our families and friends who donated monetary contributions, cards, kind words, hugs, phone calls, flowers, prayers and attended their services. All the care and help shown at West Suburban Hospital, Woodbine Care Center, Rainbow Hospice, Pastor David Kluge and Zimmerman-Harnett Funeral Home was of much help and deeply appreciated.

We extend our regrets to those who we have been unable to reach personally.

Trudy Smith, John Smith, Michele Rambeau and families
Arkdale, Wis.