Residents looking forward to the family friendly dining experience formerly offered by the Thyme and Honey restaurant in Oak Park may have to wait just a little bit longer. Recent construction problems threaten to keep it from reopening at its new location on Madison Street in Forest Park.

According to Michael Boyle, director of the Department of Public Health and Safety, Thyme and Honey submitted the documentation to move to the 7500 block in June of 2006, and was approved by the village in July of 2006. Since then, Thyme and Honey has faced a number of obstacles, Boyle said.

To begin with, the permits were issued late because of contracting issues. The business has apparently struggled to keep laborers at the site on a consistent basis.

“The plumber working on the job has left the job,” Boyle said. “We need to get another plumbing contractor.”

Problems with the plumbing contractor aren’t the only hurdles. Boyle pointed out that the business has already gone through a couple electrical contractors as well.

“They’ve changed electrical contractors twice,” Boyle said.

Because of this, he couldn’t confirm when Thyme and Honey would be ready to open again.

“I wouldn’t know what their timeframe is right now,” Boyle said.

Chris Nicolau, a manager at the restaurant, said there was “no timetable” for the opening. Aside from any contracting problems, Nicolau pointed to changes in the design and other logistical issues that are responsible for the delay.

“We’ve redesigned what we want to do with the interior several times over,” he said.

However, Nicolau emphasized that the owners are still working to open the restaurant and are looking forward to doing business in Forest Park. Nicolau is the son of owner Tom Nicolau.

John Jansa, the program director for the Progress Center for Independent Living, which is next door to Thyme and Honey’s new location, expressed his enthusiasm for the restaurant.

“I’m just looking forward to it opening up,” Jansa said.

While surprised that Thyme and Honey was taking so long to get up and running, Jansa said “work seems to be going on” and that he could “hear them working” next door.

Thyme and Honey, which was located at 100 S. Oak Park Ave. in Oak Park for years, decided to relocate to Forest Park in early 2006.