Knitting for all

I am writing a letter to thank Renee of Chix with Stix on Madison Street. Why? Chix with Stix recently donated knitting supplies to the Forest Park Middle School Home Arts department. Renee at Chix with Stix came by the middle school and dropped off tons of beautiful yarn and knitting needles.

At the beginning of the school year, the Home Arts department integrated knitting in the Textiles and Basic Home Arts curriculum. Most of the middle school students actually enjoyed knitting, even the guys! I wanted to send a letter of thanks and appreciation to the ladies of Chix with Stix. They took an opportunity to give back to the community of Forest Park. Any other knitters out there with extra yarn or needles are welcome to drop them off at the middle school.

Crystal Freeman
Home Arts teacher,
Forest Park Middle School

Strong showing

On Feb. 1, nearly 70 people came out in the cold to help Citizens United in Forest Park make history with its first ever mayoral forum. Commissioners Theresa Steinbach and Patrick Doolin arrived with a genuine enthusiasm to meet the voters and provide meaningful and well reasoned answers to the myriad of questions from citizens.

The CUinFP forums now give the residents of Forest Park two distinct opportunities to hear what the candidates think and plan to do if elected. Both Doolin and Steinbach emphasized that openness and communication with all the members of our community will be the key to a greater and stronger Forest Park. This forum was our way to contribute to that process.

To keep the lines of communication flowing, please join us at St. Peter’s Church (500 Hannah) on Thursday, March 15 at 7 p.m. when CUinFP hosts the commissioners forum. For details visit or call (708) 771-2478.

In closing it is our wish to thank all the residents, volunteers and candidates that participated in this momentous first step.

Citizens United in Forest Park Board of Directors:
Steven Backman, Sharon Obeidallah, Ken Snyder, Cecile Webster and Gloria Backman
Forest Park

Vote for Steinbach

I am excited about the tremendous interest voters have shown in the upcoming Feb. 27 primary for mayor. For the first time ever, voters had two opportunities to hear about the candidates who seek this position. I know how busy people are these days, so it was really great that the people of Forest Park had more than just one option.

Citizens United in Forest Park (CU in FP) hosted the first forum. It drew more than 70 people, which is a sign that people are truly interested in this election. Of course, I’m sure some of the attendees who chose this first forum were disappointed that our current mayor chose to skip it.

The second forum was co-sponsored by the Forest Park Chamber of Commerce, Forest Park Review and Forest Park Main Street Redevelopment Association. Again, voter attendance for this event was quite high. As the Forest Park Review noted last week, these forums are a great way to learn more about the candidates so that you can be an informed voter. I could not agree more. I hope that even more voters will come out for the forums planned before the April election. I too hope that all of the candidates for mayor and commissioner will participate in all forums offered to our voters.

I applaud each of the organizations that worked to put these two forums together. It is not an easy job and they are to be commended. More importantly, I congratulate all of the voters who braved the frigid weather to hear from their candidates. Hopefully for the next round of forums the weather will be a bit more cooperative.

Some say being a candidate is tough, some say being an elected official is tough, but I think the toughest job of all is being a voter. Remember on Feb. 27 it’s your voice, it’s your village and it’s your vote. Please check #1 for me, Theresa “Terry” Steinbach.

Terry Steinbach
Forest Park

Re-elect proven leadership

For the past 12 years it has been my privilege to serve the great people of Forest Park. Along the way, I have had the honor of working with many great public servants, and I hold no one in higher regard than Tony Calderone. Tony has had a deepening commitment to the village since beginning his service as an auxiliary police officer with the Forest Park Police Department, continuing through his appointment to the Fire and Police Commission, and culminating in his election to the position of village commissioner and finally mayor. In his years as mayor of Forest Park, he has led the community’s renaissance by fostering the collaborative efforts of the many business organizations and the village, the result being the vibrant downtown district that we enjoy today. Although many individuals were involved in this process, Tony possessed the leadership ability and vision to make it happen. As residents continue to work to upgrade their homes, property values in town have increased, manifesting their belief that Forest Park is a most desirable place to live and raise their families.

Forest Park has had its share of hard times and turmoil, but through it all, your mayor has always been resolute in his desire to do the right thing. Budget shortfalls, village personnel issues, and a divided council have tested Tony’s leadership skills. The continued stability of all village departments and growth of the community are measures of his fine ability to manage and govern.

His opponents in this election will paint Tony as a mayor who exhibits poor fiscal policies and has a “pay for play” mentality. Although this tactic helped propel his opponents to their current posts, in reality, they have had complete access to all village financial records and bidding documents over the last four years, and have consistently failed to produce even one example that supports their claims. Contrary to their negative political banter, the village of Forest Park enjoys an A+ bond rating, village cash reserves are accumulating at an attractive rate and through sound financial directives, the village operates under a balanced budget.

As the election process moves forward, and you, the voter, are inundated with political brochures and pamphlets, look around the community that you call home. Note the improved streets and alleys, revitalized business districts, increasing home values, excellent village services, responsible development throughout the area, and ask yourself this question: “Who has led this charge?” The answer is simple. The leader is Mayor Anthony Calderone, and he will have my vote on Tuesday, Feb. 27.

Tim Gillian
Commissioner, Forest Park


A story on Internet blogs in the Jan. 31 issue merits clarification. Village commissioner candidate Carl Nyberg’s blog,, has received roughly 5,800 hits. However, another site operated by Nyberg has garnered some 130,000 hits since October of 2005.

Primary election letters policy

Letters written in support or opposition of either candidate in the Feb. 27 mayoral primary must be received by 5 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 16 if they are to appear in the Feb. 21 issue of the Forest Park Review. These letters are subject to the Review’s letters policy, and must include the author’s full name and phone number for verification. Those letters received after the deadline, or for which there is no room for publication on Feb. 21, will be posted on our Web site.