Forty Years Ago

Howard Mohr would soon complete his first term as mayor of Forest Park. His next piece of business would be to step down from that office-and step up to that of state senator from the 5th district. Recently elected to the Illinois Senate, and urged on by friends and supporters, he declined the “double duty” saying he would not be a candidate for a second term as mayor. “The mayor’s job here is no longer a matter of attending council meetings twice a month,” Mohr said. “The suburban community is constantly challenged to maintain the character that made it desirable to its people in the first place.”

On the same page was this last-minute item: “Commissioner Earl Witt has announced his candidacy for mayor of Forest Park.”

And this report from editor Claude Walker: “Did I make a discovery! Ponce deLeon opened up the Florida real estate boom looking for a fountain. Diogenes had a lantern and went around looking for something that doesn’t exist-an honest man. I myself have been searching for peace and tranquility for 30 years, and finally found it. An ulcer!

“My pills and counseling led me to a ‘slow-down’ attitude that I may have carried to an extreme. Nowadays, nothing upsets me. If the car doesn’t start I come in and read a magazine. If company is coming and the steaks burn, I open a can of soup. I hardly ever fight with my wife anymore. ‘Attitude’ is the watchword if you make it work for you.”

From the Jan. 5, 1967, Forest Park Review

Thirty Years Ago

The Jan. 5, 1977, Review did a summary that included newsworthy deaths. Among those who passed: Charles Meseke, for 20 years our village clerk, died at 80 while visiting in Colorado. Carl Drechler, a retired police sergeant for 21 years, passed away at 61. Carbon monoxide poisoning was given as the cause of death of a young couple found in their auto in an apartment building parking lot. Frederick D. Ehringer, funeral director at Zimmerman & Son for 29 years, passed away following a lingering illness. He was 68. Craig Leavey, 35, a non-swimmer, was pulled from the deep end of a swimming pool at 1020 Desplaines Ave. He died 16 hours later at Loyola Medical Center. Eugene Peaslee, founder of Peaslee Hardware, died at 80 after a brief illness. Pax Requiem.

From the Jan. 5, 1977, Forest Park Review

Twenty Years Ago

Talk about eager! When moved by the urge to be born, 7-pound 5.5-ounce, 20-inch long Emilie Iris Coons let the world-in particular, her parents-know. After the first labor pains, Iris Coons and her husband knew they were in for an interesting evening. Knowing there would likely be a birth at their Elgin Avenue home soon, they called the fire department at 9:02 p.m.

Enter Chief Richard Gray, and firefighters Jerik, Ryerson and Matousek 10 minutes later. Soon, the little one’s head was born. At 9:13 the rest of her followed. A cleared airway, a snip and a clamped umbilical cord, followed by a ride to Loyola Medical Center, and the drama (miracle) was done. Mrs. Coons had high praise for the rubber-booted assistants, but the highest praise went to husband Bob, who was “doctor, nurse and father at the same time,” said mom.

From the Nov. 26, 1986, Forest Park Review

Ten Years Ago

In late 1996, Pep Boys contracted to move into the long-vacant site occupied by F&M drug and variety store. The target date for start-up was April of ’97. Pep Boys business would include automotive retail with a portion of the store handling parts supplies, and another section offering drive-in access for car service. The site has since been occupied by Bed, Bath & Beyond, which remodeled extensively and opened for business in 2004.

Who Remembers? Robert Q. Lewis (TV game show host) … Courtesy Hardware (where Ultra is now) … grapes with seeds … seeds with salt (sunflower) … salt with tequila (margarita) …Am I going your way?

From the Dec. 4, 1996, Forest Park Review