Here are those young stalwarts who braved the dark and cold of night to scrape away all of Forest Park’s sidewalk snow last week.  As you can see, not only are they stalwart, but very young and handsome.

Seated in the cab is J.J. Jandak, standing left to right are Sal Stella and Patrick Scollard. Next to Patrick is Steve Brehl who does repairs on the vehicles. Not shown is Mike Maraso who had the day off.

Poor Patrick had to drive the dinosaur Bobcat, which doesn’t have a floor so his feet got cold wind, snow, and ice blown on them during the ride. It takes these young men about four hours to remove the snow from every sidewalk in town. Diane Huebner had just finished shoveling her front walk when the bobcat’s twinkling yellow light rounded her corner. Oh no! Forest Park is the only town I know of that shovels everyone’s sidewalks. Thanks, Bob Kutak and Patrick Doolin and your team of Bobcats.

Speedy recovery wishes to Geri Grant who is undergoing surgery as I write these words. Her dog, Gusto is my dog Callahan’s best friend so we have “Gus” with us all day while Geri gets the knife.

Sympathy to the many friends of Joan Perell, who died last week. Joan was a faithful Friend of the library and of the Symphony of Oak Park and River Forest for many years. She did what she could for these organizations, but failing health prevented her from doing as much as she would have liked. Joan will be missed by many but especially by her faithful cat, Casey.

Isabel Herdeg, former Forest Parker and friend of many Forest Parkers, especially those who sing in the Harlemmaerner and Damenchor, is the featured “Artist of the Month” at the Oak Park Women’s Exchange, 839 S. Oak Park Ave. You are invited to come and see her display of hand knits, especially doll and children’s clothes. For more information call (708) 848-4693.

Dixie Quitsch was excited one morning last week when she saw Athena of the Athena Bakery on Desplaines featured on channel 5. By winning the “Miss Dove” contest, Athena has given Forest Park more nationwide exposure!

Time for happy birthdays to Marty Redmond, Ethan Flanigan and Julia Xia on Feb. 15; on the 16th to, Lauren Pardun, Ed Fee, Beth Wojtas, Sammy Anderson and Shelby Adolphson; Feb. 19 to, Mary Haley, Shartiase Clay and happy anniversary to Ken and Marilyn Trainor (#57 I think); Feb. 20, Kristi Kasack, Alexander Reina, Jonah Victorson; 21st, Jackie Madden, Megan Lyons, Bill Dunne; on the 22nd, Michael Gillian, Rich and Bob Krieger; Feb. 23, Meghan Krieger, Phil Kachlic, Jean Guntown, Jean Leinweber, Jacqueline Janney; on the 24th of February birthday greetings go to, Chris Thornton, Mary White, Sam Huynh, Scott Grams, Haydn Bush.