Dear Rachel,

Thank you very much for your note and handwriting sample. I hope this analysis helps you in the process of learning more about yourself.

Your writing is heavy, fast, rightward, has large capital letters, and an exceptionally large lower zone.

The lower zone letters are those below the baseline like the Ys and Gs. These large letters reveal that you have a very active imagination, which adds originality and individuality to everything you do. This results in more creativity and resourcefulness and encourages more mental activity than the average person will have. At times, however, your vivid imagination can run away with you to the extent that you magnify issues out of proportion.

You love variety and change, have many interests, and are easily bored. Sometimes you have too many irons in the fire and end up confused and frustrated.

The large lower zone letters also suggest that you are drawn by powerful unconscious forces relating to survival needs and reproductive imperatives, so you have significant appetites for money, sex, and variety. You are practical, realistic, self-analytical, self-sufficient, responsible, and very determined.

Many of your strokes thrust from the lower zone into the upper zone and this shows that you have a keen mind and use it to your advantage, constantly thinking in a creative and innovative way, and actively using your considerable mental talents. You are a fine writer and a good communicator.

Rachel, you have strong needs for physical and emotional security, which come from ties to the past and to your family. You need adequate outlets for these emotional drives and when these outlets are not present you become frustrated.

At work, you are disciplined and have a great deal of initiative. You are a self-starter and can see what needs to be done without being told. You will perform best in a job that provides you with the freedom to be creative.

Your writing is heavy so I know you have energy, will power, self-control and the ability to make decisions. Your self-control is so strong that some people may perceive you as being stubborn.

Rachel, you are very versatile, bright, enthusiastic, spontaneous, affectionate, self-sacrificing, ambitious, dignified, proud, frank, and independent.

You are a person with many intellectual and creative gifts, so I hope you are able to find appropriate outlets for them all.

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