Voters’ support in primary appreciated

I would like to thank the voters of Forest Park for the confidence you placed in me as your choice for mayor. Your support means so much. It is truly gratifying to know that so many residents were interested in this race. The turnout in last week’s election was 70 percent higher than the primary four years ago. That indicates that Forest Parkers are ready for change.

I am also pleased and honored to have received the support of my fellow challenger, Patrick Doolin. Forest Park is better today because of his contribution as commissioner these past four years. He ran a good race and should be congratulated on his professionalism during the campaign.

As your mayor, I will focus on ending the lavish spending practices that have placed a heavy burden on our taxpayers. Bringing the success of Madison Street to other underutilized commercial areas like Roosevelt Road, Harlem and Madison west of Des Plaines will ensure Forest Park’s future remains bright for many years to come. All of this will be done with an openness that includes input from residents and business owners. I will continue to fight for affordability so seniors can stay and young families can flourish.

Thank you again for your support and I am looking forward to a vigorous campaign leading up to the April 17 election. I urge you to get involved because it’s your voice, your village and your vote.

Terry Steinbach
Forest Park

Irish dinner

All Ireland flute and whistle player Larry Nugent will be the featured performer at the St. Bernardine St. Patrick’s dinner on Friday, March 16.

The corned beef and cabbage dinner will begin at 6 p.m. at the St. Bernardine School Hall, 815 S. Elgin Avenue in Forest Park. Harrington corned beef, cabbage and potatoes will be served along with hot dogs for the kids. A dispensation from abstinence rules will be in effect.

The cost of the dinner will be $13 for adults and $6 for children, with all proceeds going to help the St. Bernardine School.

Green beer, Guinness, and wine will be available for purchase.

Jim Murray
Forest Park

Thanks for donations

My name is Alice Reeves and I am a fifth-grade teacher at Garfield Elementary here in Forest Park.

This letter is to let the community know of the kindness of various companies in our area. Because our student council funds were so low, we decided to plan a Valentine’s Day raffle as a fundraising event. I contacted several local businesses and they all kindly donated items for the raffle. Ultra Foods donated a huge, adorable sheepdog, Wal-Mart donated a $25 gift card (which we used to purchase two gift baskets and a large Hershey’s Kiss), McDonalds donated two $25 gift cards and Target donated a lovely heart box of chocolates. Thanks to their gifts, we were able to raise over $150 for our council.

It is nice to know that in this busy world there are still people who will go out of their way to help the kids and communities in which they do business. We are very grateful to them and wish them continued success in their fields.

Alice Reeves
Garfield Elementary teacher

Campaign signs

For those of you who support me in my re-election campaign and actively show your support by displaying a sign on your property, you have my most heartfelt gratitude.

By the time you read this you will have noticed that your sign has been removed. Local village ordinance reads that political signs cannot be displayed until 30 days prior to an election. Although the ordinance is mute with respect to the period of time between primary and general elections, a complaint to our Code Enforcement Department filed by Mr. Steve Backman was received this past Friday prompting my campaign committee to aggressively remove signs throughout the community. Because it’s no small feat to erect over 500 signs, normally I would have fought this type of nonsense; however I don’t want a silly issue like this to cloud more important issues. I appreciate your continued support of me and our campaign will push forward on a positive note addressing items of importance to this community.

Thank you and if you need to contact me regarding my election please do so at (708) 488-2094 or

Mayor Anthony Calderone,
Citizens for Calderone
Forest Park