Dear Marie,

Thank you so much for your handwriting sample and for your kind words about my handwriting analysis class at the library. I’m glad you enjoyed it because I sure enjoyed doing it.

Marie, your writing is small but with large capital letters. It is rightward, cramped, legible, slow, and has wide spaces between the lines. These wide spaces between lines indicate a considerable degree of caution and reserve, thoughtfulness, and even shyness.

Also, notice that the second hump on the Ms and Ns are larger than the first hump, and this shows that you are a self-conscious person. Meeting strangers is difficult for you and you always feel that others are critical. Attention causes you embarrassment, even though you like the positive part of it.

Your letters are small as compared with your capitals and this suggests that you under-rate yourself and suffer from inferiority feelings. As a result, you easily become disappointed and discouraged. You are conservative in your actions and dress, and are very thrifty.

On the other hand, Marie, your small legible, rightward script tells me that you are thoughtful, conscientious, modest, sociable, enthusiastic, affectionate, sincere, kind, patient and honest.

You are a proud and dignified person, Marie. You try to do the right thing at the right time and you don’t defy tradition. You tend toward formality in your selection of clothing, and you take pride in your appearance and in your work. Because of this pride you do much better at your job than the average person.

Marie, you are a steady and determined worker. You are neat and careful, but you do tend to work better under supervision.

You feel you are different from most other people and you pride yourself on your individuality. You like people to notice you even when it causes you some embarrassment. You have a good sense of humor and you love having fun. You enjoy going out to eat and attending movies and live entertainment.

Even if you sometimes feel shy and self-conscious you have a quiet self-confidence that comes from knowing you are a good person.