Forty Years Ago

In the middle of winter politics were warming up in town, just like now. You’ve got to be a certified long-timer here to recognize the names of the campaigners from 1967. So for all you Q-tips out there here’s the line-up for that year’s primaries: For mayor; Charles Lelivelt, William Meyer and Earl Witt. For commissioners; Robert F. Dowd, John Hanley, Harold Jackson, Michael Lambke, Michael Leo, Joseph Manone, Santo Rizzo, James Sansone, Walter Schulz, Patricia Ward and Earl Whelpley.

Editor Claude Walker built his weekly column on the office seekers noting that the three mayoral candidates could have been born triplets, in that all were born and reared in Forest Park, each came from “Hard working pioneer stock” and received their schooling here. From the Jan. 26, 1967, Forest Park Review

Thirty Years Ago

If you live at 1109 Beloit Ave.-as most of us don’t-you’ll appreciate the changes that time can work. The picture on the left shows the home as it was 97 years ago, surrounded by a whole lot of nothingness. To fit a chronological perspective the home was standing while Mark Twain was still alive. The right hand photo, courtesy of Mrs. C.C. (Billie) Hansen, was taken in 1977. The occupants then were Otto and George Ebert. No information on when the home was originally built.

Like a bolt from the blue, all of Forest Park was shocked at the sudden death of Howard R. Mohr. Irony played a hand in his death when, as he was leaving a farewell retirement breakfast in his honor at the Capitol Building in Springfield, he was felled by a massive heart attack. It was his final day of his term as a state senator, and it was his final day.

Mohr had served two full terms as mayor of Forest Park. He declined a third run at this office concerned that holding a dual office would be an unwise decision. He indicated, however, that he’d consider yet another term as mayor.

From the Jan. 12 and 19, 1977, issues of the Forest Park Review

Twenty Years Ago

The manager at the 7-Eleven at Roosevelt and Desplaines misled police investigating a $5,700 robbery there. An alert citizen, however, more than made up for the bogus story.

Fearing that he might lose his job because of a security breach (stepping outside and leaving the office door unlocked) the manager told an invented story to police about a group of gypsies entering the store and robbing the counterperson. Fortunately, Frank Lange, a nearby resident, noted the suspicious activity and followed the robbers-a couple in their early 30s-in his car. He got the make, year and license plate numbers. He also got nominated for a Citizen’s Award by the Fraternal Order of Police here. And all the money was recovered.

From the Dec. 17, 1986 Forest Park Review

Ten Years ago

An Oak Park man was held on a $100,000 bond after allegedly sexually assaulting his estranged wife in her Forest Park apartment. Separated for several months, he visited her and an argument broke out. The fight lasted several hours until the 25-year-old man forced her into a bedroom where the assault took place. He then left the apartment. She called police, and when the officers arrived they found the man sitting in the victim’s yard.

From the Jan. l, 1997, Forest Park Review