The talk of the town these days seems to be the coming elections. If you were in attendance at the CUinFP meeting last Thursday you were probably impressed with the caliber of the young men who are seeking office.

This is not the old Forest Park. No cronyism, no family name to carry a candidate into office automatically. The old guard is fading away. Now energetic, well-educated, articulate, young people are here to take their place on the dais. Any one of them would be an asset to our community and I hope those who do not win a seat on the commission continue to pursue the noble goals they set forth last Thursday.

Thanks, again to Art Jones who along with Peter Marafatsos pulled old Forest Park up by its bootstraps, we have a new village.

Seeking office this year we have two civil engineers, an extremely bright young man with a master’s degree in social work, an attorney, a dedicated Little League coach and a family man with a special interest in children. All of them are concerned about our young adults with too much time on their hands, parking, overbuilding without due consideration to density, secrecy and financial responsibility.

Marty Tellalian is the only one who actually grew up here, his family left town when it was time for high school, then Marty returned after earning his degree in civil engineering.

Paintings by Charles Henzler are now available for viewing and acquisition on the Internet at Mr. Henzler is the father of Hubertine Henzler, a student at the middle school.

Sorry if you missed last Sunday’s concert at First United in Oak Park. Forest Park instrumentalists in the Symphony of Oak Park and River Forest are John Lange and Sarah and Daniel Gasse.

Besides music and elections we have lots of good books to read and discuss. At Centuries & Sleuths on Sunday, March 25 the History Discussion Group will take on “1421: The Year China Discovered America.” Don Sender will show slides verifying facts covered in the book.

On March 21, happy birthday wishes go to Andrew Huebner, Grace Snyder, Peter Zapotek and happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Greg Horvath; on the 22nd, John Huebner, Natalie Mazzone; March 23, Tom Reich, Gary Steger, Terry Uidl, Hillary Rutak; March 24, Jim Becker and Nicole Carlson, and happy anniversary to Marissa and Sonny Serio; on the 25th, Victoria McKenzie, Barbara Haeger; March 26, Dan Haley, Michael O’Malley, Tom Giers, Jim Papa, Maeve Eloise White, Pat Krautz; March 28, Nancy Becker, Jim Whalen,  Dolores Petersohn and Grant Harrison Wojtas.