Welcome to Forest Park’s on-line forum where bloggers are discussing their vision for Forest Park:

Meatbreath: What vision? The Madison streetlights are so dim I can’t see my hand in front of my face.

Slicedbread: Why would you want to see your hand in front of your face?

Meatbreath: As for the rest of this town, campaign signs are blocking my view everywhere I go.

Starryeyed: Aren’t the campaign signs beautiful this time of year?

Slicedbread: If a commissioner’s campaign sign is sharing a lawn with Mayor Calderone’s sign, is the candidate still independent from the mayor?

Starryeyed: I’m sure it’s a coincidence.

Meatbreath: I don’t trust any of these politicians. They say they have a vision. But what’s going to be left of Forest Park after they tear down more houses to expand the Eisenhower?

Starryeyed: I thought we were going to build a cap over the Eisenhower, after we make the Des Plaines River swimable again.

Slicedbread: If Oak Park builds a cap and we build a cap, won’t the westbound commuters be dead of carbon monoxide by the time they reach Maywood?

Meatbreath: You people don’t get it. The politicians don’t care about Forest Park. They just want our property taxes.

Slicedbread: I think property taxes are unfair. If our house increases in value, we’re being taxed on money we haven’t received yet.

Starryeyed: I don’t care. The DesPlaines Valley Mosquito Abatement District needs every cent we can give them.

Meatbreath: Let’s get back to vision. What are they going to do about the Roos Building? How are we going to revitalize Roosevelt Road? When are they going to finish that pedestrian bridge over the Des Plaines?

Starryeyed: You don’t think this town is progressive? Someone just got a permit to build a house on the 24-foot lot next to me.

Slicedbread: Hey, I have a new house like that next door. It’s blocking my view to the south. I miss the maple tree.

Meatbreath: Trees don’t count. People don’t count. The only thing that matters in this town is money. If you give enough campaign contributions, you could build a tower on a 20-foot lot.

Starryeyed: All I need a curb cut for my new driveway.

Meatbreath: I hope you didn’t put up a new garage because you’ll have punks spray-painting it. The other day, I almost had to walk on the grass, because these punks were hogging the sidewalk.

Starryeyed: That’s why we’re building the new “Y” so the punks will have a place to swim and play basketball.

Slicedbread: My neighbor’s wife was stolen by punks. At least that’s what he’s telling everyone.

Meatbreath: What we really need are some new independent leaders with fresh ideas but the people in this town are too lazy to vote.

Starryeyed: Bold new leaders? Are we talking mosquito abatement again?