Dear Betty,

Thank you for your note and handwriting sample and I did enjoy speaking with you at the library.

Your writing has very large capital letters and very large lower loops, which run into the words below. You also make very long T crossings and words that slant upwards.

Your individual letters and words are legible but the large loops take away from the overall attractiveness and legibility of your handwriting.

Betty, your long strokes in the lower zone mean that you are a sensual person with strong sexual influences, so you are restless and need constant variety and change. You are subject to powerful unconscious forces which cause frustration and confusion when not satisfied. You can be strongly judgmental regarding sexual matters. Your feelings and emotions get bottled up because you don’t have adequate outlets for them.

These large lower loops also mean that you have a very active imagination and many creative ideas.

Your long, sweeping T crossings show that you are a strong-willed and enthusiastic person. You are usually optimistic and intense in your pursuits. You have high goals and are very ambitious, but you tend to take on too much, and become confused and restless. You are always trying to escape the demands of boredom and routine so you are excitable and quickly stirred to action.

Your large capital letters show that you are proud, self-confident, idealistic and ambitious, but the fact that the second hump on your capital M is much higher than the first also means that you are self-conscious, so you frequently feel conflicted between your enthusiasm and your reticence.

In fact, Betty, your inner conflicts are keeping you from being as good as you can be. You are generous, determined, affectionate, and sociable while still being secretive. You are kind, humanitarian, and a good worker while being restless, easily influenced and impatient. Because of these conflicting positive and negative characteristics you frequently feel frustrated and confused.

When you write I would suggest that you make your lower loops smaller and your lines further apart. This is a grapho-therapeutic technique to remind you to reduce your activities in order to decrease your tension, stress and confusion.

You have many fine qualities, Betty, but you need to let them shine.