An unusually warm early spring evening turned into a night of horror for two women and a toddler on the south side of Forest Park Monday night. A man, whom police describe as in his early 20s, stabbed three people in what appear to be random acts of the violence.

Around 6 p.m. Monday, a man who resides at 1218 Circle Ave. reportedly had an altercation at an apartment he shared with his girlfriend, according to Forest Park Police Chief Jim Ryan.

The man came out of the apartment with a knife and attacked a woman described as in her mid-40s as the woman was arriving home from work and heading to her apartment in the same building, Ryan said. The attack took place in the parking lot after he reportedly dragged her away from her front door.

“He, for no apparent reason at all, stabbed her with a butcher knife in the side of her neck,” said Ryan.

The man then fled east through an alley to Marengo Avenue. On Marengo, the suspect headed south and then allegedly attacked a woman, 27, who was sitting on her porch with her 2 1/2-year-old. The man started stabbing the mother and child. The woman suffered mostly defense wounds on her arms and wrist Ryan said.

“The baby was struck at least once with a knife,” said Ryan.

Some men who were working on Marengo witnessed the attack and began yelling at and chasing the suspect through yards. According to the Chicago Tribune, a witness told WGN that a member of a landscaping crew hit the assailant over the head with a shovel, but Ryan said they simply chased the suspect with the shovel, didn’t hit him, but most likely saved the mother’s and toddler’s lives. Forest Park Police Officer Bob Biel and two Oak Park officers, responding to 911 calls, arrested the suspect in a yard between Elgin and Marengo.

The two women and the toddler were taken to Loyola Medical Center in Maywood where Tuesday morning their condition was unclear although Ryan said that at least some of the victims may have had surgery Monday might.

The chief added that the suspect had some self-inflicted superficial wounds and was taken to RUSH Oak Park Hospital where he was treated and remained as of 9:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Ryan said the suspect would be arrested upon his discharge from the hospital.

Forest Park detectives went to Loyola Medical Center Tuesday morning to interview the victims. Ryan said police would meet later Tuesday with the Cook County state’s attorneys to discuss filing charges.

Ryan said the attacks appeared to be just random acts of violence.

“There was apparently no motive,” said Ryan.