The Forest Park Village Council set what is believed to be a record Monday completely their semi-monthly meeting in just five minutes.

There were only two items of new business on the agenda. The council unanimously approved an ordinance granting a variance to reduce the side yard area to allow construction of a private garage at 843 Elgin. It also unanimously approved a resolution to spend $431,067.31 of state motor fuel tax funds for the maintenance of streets and highways in Forest Park. This resolution allows the village to spend its share of motor fuel tax funds.

The council also voted 4-1 with Patrick Doolin voting no to pay the bills. Doolin, as has been his practice voted no because the bills included legal bills related to hearings before the Fire and Police Commission that he objected to.

Other than its speed, the meeting was noteworthy because it marked the first village board meeting during his four-year tenure that will come to an end in May that Commissioner Doolin did not wear a suit and tie. Instead, he was attired in a blue-striped shirt, open at the neck. Doolin, along with Commissioner Tim Gillian, will be leaving office in May.

-Bob Skolnik