The bright smile on the pretty face of Eva Cantu is partly because of the return of spring and partly because she has just returned from a brief visit to Braidwood, Ill., where her dear friend and former co-worker Jackie Schnurstein lives. Jackie sends her love to all of her old friends here in Forest Park.

Congratulations to new grandparents, Ruth and George Ashman. The Ashmans became grandparents when daughter Laura and her husband, Dennis Brown, became parents of baby Hannah Delores Brown on Feb. 17. Baby Hannah weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces at birth in Elmhurst Hospital and was 19½ inches long. Sounds like a tall, slender beauty! Hannah’s other proud grandparents are Joyce Brown and Dennis Funches.

As I walk this funny little dog of mine around town, I meet many fascinating people. Most of us seem to love our dogs and/or cats and each other. We pick up after our pets and enjoy each other’s company. However, one block, and only one block, had stapled to trees, mean-spirited signs with ugly gutter language on them accusing dog walkers of allowing pets to befoul the lawns. These crudely worded signs have been removed and replaced by signs of a mayoral candidate! Wonderful town! The irony! I love it! Candidates, be careful where your signs go.

Letitia Olmsted and Sue Bothie want to remind all of us that the deadline for car stickers is fast approaching and will soon be here (March 31). So before you run afoul of the law, please hurry over to the village hall and get your auto sticker.

If the name Olmsted sounds familiar to you, it may be because there is a street named Olmsted in Chicago. This street was probably named for the famous landscape architect of Central Park in New York (and the designer of the village of Riverside) and for much of the landscaping of early Chicago. Letitia’s husband, Jon has done a little research on the name and family history, and he seems to be on the verge of discovering that they are direct descendants of that world famous Olmsted. (For more information get to Centuries & Sleuths and buy the book Murder in the White City.)

March 29 happy birthday to Mike Trainor, Julie Poisson, Patrick White, Rosetta Hall, Ronald Moravec; March 30-JoAnn Grant, Debbie Scolero, Marcy Dufkis Gleason, Horacio Munoz ; on March 31, Josef Haydn, Dan Tucker, Frieda Schwenke, Debbie Jargstorf and happy anniversary to Jim and Erin Watts; April 1 celebrants are Dolores Holub, Fabrizio Cirrintano, on the 2nd, Ian Hitre; April 3rd, Tony Calderone, Jim McGuin, Todd Bower, Nick Novak, Kyler Pacyga, Ryan Tomoso, Dorothy Bentel; April 4, Roseann McGuin, Maura Flanagan, Keith Hickey, Nico Rubio, Jessie Jones, Mary Jones.

That’s it and thanks to my smart new neighbor David Jones for getting this.