Congratulations to Shannon Webster, who graduated with honors from MSU with a major in zoology. Now Shannon is off to St. Louis to work with the World Bird Sanctuary and from there to Boston where she’ll specialize in raptor birds.

Shannon is a graduate of our Forest Park Middle School and Nazareth. Her proud parents are Cecilia and Jerry Webster.

Carl Nyberg got it right at the candidates’ forum last week when he said the most important election in Forest Park is the school board election. Our real estate boom will be short lived if our schools continue to deteriorate. We desperately need qualified, dedicated people on the school board, not only at District 209, but District 91 as well. We need dedicated people sincerely devoted to the education of our young people.

Why doesn’t anyone on the dais give Art Jones the credit he deserves for changing the face of Forest Park? Main Street, Art and Peter Marafatsos did it, with help from the village and the Chamber of Commerce. But it was Art Jones who started the ball rolling.  

Enjoying spring break with their grandmas are Lena Giuliano and Ashlynn Shrove. Grandmothers Lydia Giuliano and Judy Arnold watch comfortably from the ground.

Tony Peraica and Marty Tellalian were seen schmoozing at one of Forest Park’s finer restaurants last week.

If you got to the candidates’ forum I’m sure you were impressed with the quality of the candidates we have to choose from this time. Here are the names in case you’ve forgotten; Marty Tellalian, Carl Nyberg, John Plepel, Rory Hoskins, Mark Hosty, Michael Curry, Anthony Lazzara and Jerry Webster.

Carol Greene was one of Dominick’s employees who had to say goodbye to fellow workers last week. The store on 26th Street where Carol and her friends worked was one of those that closed Monday, March 26, sending workers off in all directions. Carol will go to the Bensenville, Ill., store.

Birthday time for Nick Tricoci, Rick Barger, Joe Bugajsky, Bill Freeman, Vito Gabino and Jon Leganski on April 5; on the 6th, Jeanette Cerger, Mitzi DeVilbiss, Tom Callis, Isabel Rossi, Tricia Curry and Nicholas Lang; April 7, Kathleen Jones, David Thompson, Brady Fipinger and Lee Huynyh; April 8, Bill and Beth Linder have an anniversary, and birthday greetings to Stanley Konieczny; on the 9th, Tiffany Basarich has a birthday; April 10 birthdays are Rich Barger, Angie Stange, Laura Annarino, Amy Mescheimer and the twins, Daniel and Patrick Hart, will be 1 year old; Ernesto Gasse will be 2 years old. On April 11, special greetings to Phyllis Orland and Mick Thompson, and anniversary greetings to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Duke and Kevin and Melissa Dodge.

See you at the voting booth on April 17.