Dear Kevin,

Thank you so much for your note, and a special thanks for all the good work you do on behalf of those in need.

Your writing, Kevin, is narrow, slow, heavy, connected, legible, has large capital letters, and triangular lower loops. These triangles in the lower zone (Ys and Gs) are interesting because they show that you are aggressive and obstinate with a measure of compulsiveness.

You have judgmental attitudes toward women, and you have a strong, almost childlike attachment to your mother, even if she is no longer alive. You will probably have a difficult time finding an appropriate marriage partner because you will compare any candidates with you mother, and they will never quite measure up.

The arcades (connections at top of letters) in your script show that you are ambitious and have a love for action. You have strong traditional beliefs especially regarding religion. You are independent, trustworthy, and have stable values. You are cautious, formal, polite, respectful, secretive, protective, resistant, and proud. You are a serious person who takes rules and regulations seriously.

You have a quick mind and express yourself well. You also have the ability to concentrate and work intently on whatever you are doing.

Kevin, you are a persistent and determined person. You are tenacious in that you hold tightly to whatever you feel is right. Once your mind is made up you are slow to change. You are decisive and able to make up your mind quickly. This is a definite leadership quality.

You are frank, practical and selective in choosing those who really get to know you. Although you have many acquaintances you have few real friends.

Although some people would be surprised to hear it, you are really an introvert. You are self-conscious, shy and inhibited. Fortunately, this helps you be analytical, methodical, careful, patient and good with details. You are a versatile person because you are flexible, energetic, diplomatic, but sometimes excitable and moody.

In addition to the characteristics mentioned above, you are a real humanitarian. You are self-sacrificing, thrifty, determined, idealistic, disciplined, straightforward, honorable, and not afraid to accept challenges.

You are a fine person, Kevin, but I would suggest that you get some professional help in dealing with your guilt and restrictive attitudes regarding women.