You may have seen some of these people (pictured below), walking around your neighborhood lately. They and several others are working with the visually impaired as they acclimate themselves to their latest of life’s challenges. Beth Berzak of Livonia, Mich., is shown here with Dan Coyle of Madison, Wis. Mr. Coyle was in the United States Air Corps in WWII. The name of that branch of service was later changed to the U.S. Air Force.

Sgt. Coyle was a mess sergeant back then but he doesn’t do much cooking anymore. Liam Whitney of Orland Park, Ill., is a student at Northern Illinois University. Good luck to all the workers and students and former servicemen who have chosen Forest Park to do their training.

If you want to see Sara Paretsky at Centuries & Sleuths be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday, April 21 at noon-notice the time change. Ms. Paretsky will discuss her latest book, “Writing in an Age of Silence.” Pretty scary censorship issues happening today in the name of patriotism (the last refuge of scoundrels).

Later on that day the mystery discussion group will discuss “Dog Day,” by Alicia Gimenez-Bartlett. Julie Jezuit will lead that discussion at 2 p.m. On Sunday, April 29 Clio’s Chroniclers (the history group) will discuss “Will (Shakespeare) and the World,” by author Steven Greenblatt. This meeting will also take place at 2 p.m.

Drop in anytime though, Augie’s always ready for a discussion on any topic of history or mystery.

Welcome back to Earth to Mark Hosty who was literally and figuratively on top of the world. He and his new fiancé Jenny Giles were engaged in Buckingham Palace, then flew off to Katmandu, Nepal to attend the wedding of Jenny’s brother, Robert Giles to a lovely Nepalese girl, Jarna Joshee.

We have new neighbors on our block, two dyslexic brothers. One of them is an atheist. He says there is no Dog. His brother is a believer, and a liberal. He belongs to the Untied Church of Dog.

The community center is putting a cookbook together in honor of some 100th anniversary. Send your

favorite recipes to the Howard Mohr Community Center, 7640 Jackson Boulevard, attn: centennial cookbook. Type or print your recipe. All food categories are accepted, as are restaurant recipes. This is in honor of the 100th birthday of something, surely not the community center. I thought we celebrated Forest Park’s 100th birthday about 30 years ago. The community center has been around for fewer than 25 years.  But any reason for a party is good enough for me. Call (708) 771-7737 for more information on deadlines. 

May and June trips from the center are planned so get your reservations in early. May trips include the Majestic Casino and Fisherman’s Inn in Elburn, Ill., and “Grease” at the theatre in Munster, Ind.

Happy April birthdays to Lisa Grimes on the 18th; on April 19, Lorraine Sansone; April 20, Michael Accetura, Benjamin Waldron, Krystle Kutak; April 21, Kate Leinweber, McKenna Mintz; April 22, Regan Doolin and anniversary greetings to Tony and Donna Giamberdino; April 23, happy first anniversary to Nicole and Drew Carter, and the Oswalts; April 24, happy anniversary to Sue and Rich Bothie, and happy birthday to Daniel Christopher Hawkins, Rich Dalen, Joe Dornecker and Katie Kelly.