Congratulations to the winners and losers of last week’s elections. To the losers; because I have always felt there is a great deal of courage in raising your face above the crowd and saying “listen to me.” (You can easily have a pie thrown in your face when you make that move.) Yet, many civic minded citizens are willing to take that chance every election. And remember, it takes years and years to determine the actual winners of an election.

We have several new faces on the council now, new to the council and in many cases new to Forest Park. We hope you will live up to your promises of independence, integrity, honesty and open-mindedness. To those who did not win, I say, “stick with it.” You all have Forest Park’s best interests at heart and we need your services and your brains in some capacity.

Many years ago we had a mayor who was, like Cesar’s wife, above reproach. No hint of scandal or questionable associates tainted the name of Fred Marunde. Unfortunately, a tragic illness struck his family and they moved to accommodate their fatally ill daughter. Besides Forest Park, Fred’s other love was singing. He and his fellow Harlemaernerchor musicians gave concerts from time to time and while Fred was president of the local chapter he had to organize a national Sanger fest for the entire group of thousands of singers. It took about three years to arrange the whole thing, which was a smashing success, never to be forgotten.

Now Fred is in poor health having suffered, most recently, a heart attack. He was in an induced coma for 17 days and now he is at home being cared for by his wife, Roberta. He would probably appreciate hearing from any old friends and neighbors from Forest Park. Fred is at home at 9040 Palmas Grandes Boulevard, Bonita Springs, Fla., 34135. All of Forest Park wishes him a speedy recovery. We love you, Fred.

April in Paris … that’s how Lisa Becker Grimes spent her April 18 birthday!

Get well wishes go to Donna Groening who is in Oak Park Hospital for some recuperating.

William Musgrave, Forest Park’s resident bee keeper (you have no doubt seen his model hive along Jackson just west of Circle on the north side of the street), says it is true. His hives, which are located all over the suburban Chicago area, have been losing residents lately. Dead bees can’t be found, but they aren’t in the hives. Everything we eat depends on something being pollinated by bees. There is no substitute for the little stingers.

“Les Filles de Zeno” came in second in the 9th annual LVWCC’s Spell-A-Thon which was held at Holley Court Terrace last Wednesday, April 18. Forest Park “filles” are Ruth Loyd, Marge Zwadlo and Nancy Robinson. The Friends of the Forest Park Library are among the sponsors and Steve Blank designed the graphics for the event.

Belated April 24 happy birthday to April Moroney; April 25, Anne Childs, Art Grams, Annette Pardun and Jon Olmsted; April 26, Kyle Littlefield; 27th, Mary Kay Monaghan; 28th, Matt Radkiewicz, Tom Cody and Pat Doss. Anniversary wishes to Joan and Mike Bigos, also on April 28; on the 29th, Angie Ventrella has a birthday and Brandi and Rob Mintz will celebrate their anniversary; April 30, Tom Hawkins is another year older and anniversary time for Debbie and Bill Schaubel.