Little League sponsorship, volunteers appreciated

The Auxiliary Board of Forest Park Little League would like to thank the many sponsors and volunteers who donated generously to our opening day ceremony this past Saturday, April 28. In our endeavor to try to do something different this year for opening day, we decided to hold a raffle for the families for various items that we were hoping we could get from our local vendors. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the many sponsors that donated goods and services. In particular, we would like to thank Randy Standish, Ultra Foods General Manager for once again coming through for Little League. Ultra gave us a huge donation in the form of pop and buns for our barbecue. To Brian Sullivan, and the Forest Park Restaurant and Liquor Association, the donation of the hot dogs was, and will continue to be, a very tasty donation! Ed’s Way; thank you for your continued support and for always giving us what we need. Thank you to Two Fish, who not only is a team sponsor, but also graciously donated their pool party to Little League–our gratitude is sincere. You may notice the Dug Out Café has a new look–fresh paint, new lighting fixtures and a new ceiling fan to help keep us cool during the season. This would not have happened if not for Steve Watson, who has been there every step of the way to do whatever it is we have asked him in order to get the café up and running–Steve, thank you! To Larry Piekarz, and the staff at the Park District, the support and help you have given to Little League is a measure of cooperativeness that has not been seen before in Forest Park Little League.

The weather was beautiful for opening day and the lines were long at the barbecue. Thank you to John Miller–you were awesome at the grills and you stayed to the very end. Thank you to Kim and Kate Miller, we know you didn’t expect to be working when you showed up but we appreciate all of your help. To Connie Custardo, Alicia Sandoval, LaKeisha Carter and Chris Shorner, thank you for being available and knowing where to go when we needed the help. To Terri Sansone and Autumn Spears thanks for all your help at the Raffle table! To Alexa Thompson and Lisa, thanks for coming home from Loyola to pitch in and help.

We would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their donation:

Dr. Jerry Udelson, Ira at Lake Theatre; Michael Curry, village commissioner; The Painted Board, Run Chicago, House Red, Jimmy Johns, Polar Bear Ice Cream, Dan Haley, Chief Jim Ryan and Dora Murphy, Forest Park Police Department; Joanne Mannhaupt, Flex and Pointe Dance Studio; Liz Doyle, Blue Max Coffee; Anna at Stella’s batting Cages; Flavour Cooking School, Mike Stirk, Christopher B. Burke Engineering Ltd.; Dan’s Bike Shop, Charlie at Golden Steer, Baskets By Phyllis, Girlicious, Sue and Emily at Starbucks; Kate at Briollette Beads; Healys, Team Blonde, Tim Shanahan, Shanahan’s; Barney O’Rielly, Cherryfield Development; Schauers Hardware, Chris Guillen Photography, and Moss in Forest Park.

Please remember these vendors when shopping throughout the year.

We would also like to thank the Executive Board of Forest Park Little League; Anthony, Rich, Kathy, Dave and Mark for always supporting us and sometimes indulging us in our endeavors to make this season the best season ever for Little League.

And finally, thank you to our parents, coaches, managers and players-Forest Park Little League would not exist if not for you. Thank you.

Terry Watson President, Forest Park Little League Auxiliary Board
Caroline Eibenberger and Kristine Lazzara Forest Park Little League Sponsorship and Events Committee

Thanks for support

To the people in Proviso Township.

Sometimes in life we get so busy or caught up we forget to say that two sentence word, thank you.

Many of you in the Proviso Township have been such a blessing to me as well as an encouraging spirit. I walked around several towns in the Proviso Township and was well received. So many of you don’t really know me, but because you were lead by the need for a change for our children in the school system and the great leaders from your townships, you took the time to come out on April 17, 2007, and place your vote for me under the board of education, Proviso Township, District 209. This was my first time ever getting involved in the election process and I was so overwhelmed by the many votes. In expressing my gratitude I would like to say thank you. Even though I did not get on the board this election I still feel as though I have won and it’s all because of you. So again, thank you.

Janice R. Johnson

Congratulations to all

I would like to congratulate Mayor Calderone for his win and wish him best of luck in his next term.

Also, congratulations to the commissioners for their wins, and a welcome aboard to Rory Hoskins.

Thanks to Chief Jim Ryan for giving officer Tom Aftanas an opportunity to attend FBI class in Quantico, Va.; good luck Tom.

Also, a thank you to our community center for its help in taking seniors to and from the polling places.

Last but not least, thanks to the Forest Park Review for coverage on the elections and candidates; an outstanding job.

Jim Golden
Forest Park

Long live chivalry

Yesterday morning (Election Day), I was walking to Grant White school to vote, smiling, saying good morning and not watching where I was going, tripped over an uneven sidewalk and found myself flat on the ground. The cement was hard and it took me a few minutes to even realize what had happened. I was extremely embarrassed for being so clumsy.

The reason for this letter is to once again, thank the young gentlemen (most everyone is young to me!) who were so patient waiting for me to get my bearings and then gently helping me to my feet.

Chivalry definitely is not dead!

Mary James
Forest Park

Due credit

In a recent article about the positive changes taking place at the Forest Park Public Library, Josh Adams mentioned a free dance program being offered to young library patrons. I want to emphasize that it is Joanne Mannhaupt’s expertise and time that make this dance program possible.

Ms. Mannhaupt came to me with the idea and offered her services for free. She takes time out of running the Flex and Pointe dance studio to teach children about various types of dance because she wants to share the joy of movement with the children of this community. The library is a place where children can find resources to explore new interests, and it is the generosity and knowledge of people like Ms. Mannhaupt that help enhance this exploration and create a life-long love of learning.

Lindsey Kraft
Youth Services Manager,
Forest Park Public Library

‘Smarmy’ tone

I’m writing in response to your column of April 25, 2007, “Bitter to the end.”

I would like to know what council meeting you were at?

I was present and totally disagree with your opinion on how Mayor Calderone addressed the audience and council members. He was not patronizing, sarcastic, or obvious. He did not treat Terry Steinbach wrong in any way. He certainly did not speak to her in a smarmy tone of voice. He was more then patient with her litany of last minute questions. He was not sarcastic and did not take any potshots about anything.

Mayor Calderone conducted the meeting as he always does. He was articulate, patient and very professional.

It seems to me the only person or persons acting inappropriately would be the writer of this column. It’s amazing to me that you could write and publish something that is utter garbage. What happened to professionalism?

Your editorial certainly had a smarmy tone to it.

Isn’t a reporter’s job to report the news, not fabricate it? If you don’t support our mayor that is your choice, but when reporting the news you should remain neutral.

Donna Gray
Forest Park