Steinbach’s service worthy of praise

I’m writing today to thank Commissioner Steinbach for her four years of service on behalf of our village. In the May 2, 2007, Forest Park Review article entitled “Meeting record shows council waffled,” certain village officials imply that Ms. Steinbach did not serve the village’s best interests, but rather her own with regards to the use of eminent domain in Forest Park. Whether she was fully aware of the topic at hand at the September 25, 2006, village council meeting or she changed her mind regarding the use of eminent domain in our village is not what is important. What is important is that it was Ms. Steinbach, of all the council members, who stood by the residents of this village and helped save six Forest Park homes from being taken for parking lots.

For that and for doing her utmost to serve our community these past four years, we should applaud her. Her many contributions to Forest Park are noteworthy and should be acknowledged.

Angela West Blank
Forest Park

Many thanks

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following people and businesses who made our third annual Kiwanis Pasta Dinner a huge success. La Piazza, Healy’s Westside, Horan’s Snug, Famous Liquors, Turano Bread, The Forest Park Post, Kay’s Bakery, caffe De luca, Freddy’s, River Forest Jewel, Louie’s Grill, Joe Byrnes, Dave Rita, Brad and Kim Zandstra, Eric Connor, the many Fenwick High School student volunteers and all of our members who worked so hard to make the event seem effortless.

Our sincere thanks to all who attended, your generosity enables us to continue to focus on the needs of young children, both locally and globally.

Amy Rita and the Kiwanis Club of Forest Park
Forest Park

Resident fed up

My name is Patricia Parenti and I live on Circle Avenue in Forest Park. I wanted to attend the neighborhood meeting at Betsy Ross, but I had to work. I have several issues I wanted to address at the meeting. The stabbing was horrible but I am hoping it was just an isolated incident.

Pretty much every day a very, very large group of kids hang out at the Betsy Ross playground. They even bring their own basketball net. I have a 6-year-old daughter and our house is directly across the alley from Betsy Ross. My daughter cannot play outside. The reason why is the amount of profanity, yelling, screaming, bottle throwing and just down right obnoxious behavior is too much for her to be around. Every other word of the kids’ mouths is profanity. They are so loud it is impossible to do anything in my own yard.

The neighborhood is a mess! If you look at the houses on Circle the yards are full of trash and nobody takes care of their yards.

Some of my neighbors are a disaster. I have to clean up after them everyday. Not to mention I have had to call the police several times because they throw everything outside the second floor window. This includes trash, bottles and fireworks.

I can no longer afford to live in Forest Park mainly due to the taxes. When I bought the house two years ago my taxes were at $3,700 a year. They are now close to $5,000. I would feel more comfortable paying that if I did not feel like I was living in a ghetto. I wish someone would start working on south Forest Park and stop focusing so much on Madison Street. Madison Street is great but what about the rest of the village?

I moved to Forest Park thinking it was a safe and good place for my daughter. Well she cannot even play outside. I pay very high taxes for the house I live in and I cannot use my yard without thinking I am going to have a bottle thrown at me or that my daughter is going to learn 10 new swear words. I am a single mother and I can no longer afford my house.

With all these things happening around me I got a call from the village stating I have to remove an Open House sign from my window or receive a fine. So it is okay for others to destroy the neighborhood and turn it into a slum, but I will get a fine for a sign in my window?

Patricia Parenti
Forest Park

Political promises

The village of Forest Park held an orientation for new commissioners last Thursday. The orientation was an all day training session presented by Mike Sturino, Vanessa Moritz, and the various department heads. It was very informative and helpful and village staff did a great job. At the end of the orientation, I asked if we could discuss the assignment of departments to the commissioners that will be held on May 14. Mark Hosty had left the training session early to go out of town and, in that Mayor Calderone was the only current village official present, we agreed that the discussion could be held without violating the open meetings act.

I had previously only talked to Rory Hoskins and he had expressed his desire for Accounts and Finance. At our initial meeting, I told Rory that as the leading vote getter, I would support his selection and also told Rory of my desire for Public Health and Safety. In response, Rory stated that Mike Curry also wanted Public Health and Safety and that I should discuss my department preference with Mike. I did not have the opportunity to discuss departments with Mike prior to the orientation. In our discussions following the orientation, Rory and Mike stated that they had a “commitment” to each other to support their selection to Accounts and Finance and Public Health and Safety, respectively. In the course of our discussions, Rory agreed to support my selection to Public Health and Safety if I could convince Mike to allow me to select Public Health and Safety. Mike and I tried to convince each other of our qualifications for the department but I could not convince Mike to support me for Public Health and Safety even though I have the second highest vote total. So as it stands now, Rory Hoskins and Mike Curry are supporting each other for the departments of their choice, regardless of the vote totals or any tradition. As Rory stated in response to my complaints, “That’s politics.”

Realistically, none of the new commissioners know enough about each other, or the various departments, to know for certain which person is most qualified for which department. And with the selection of departments about a week away, there is not enough time to evaluate the merits of each person for each department. However, I am confident that all four commissioners will do a good job in any department. Besides, our primary function as commissioners is to legislate. Day to day operations and administration will be by village staff. Lacking an objective evaluation process, the selection can either be based on vote totals as is traditionally done or with deals and “commitments.” Let’s not play politics from the start. Let’s follow tradition and allow commissioners to select their departments in the order of the number of votes they received in the election. As tradition would have it, the departments selected by elected officials from highest to lowest vote total would be Accounts and Finance, Public Health and Safety, Streets and Public Improvements, and Public Property. I call on Rory Hoskins and Mike Curry to publicly break their mutual commitment and let the new village council start off on the right foot. Respect the vote totals and let’s not start off owing each other any debts or favors.

Marty Tellalian, commissioner elect
Forest Park

Most appreciated

I would like to thank my co-workers at the police department and village hall for contributing to the March of Dimes. I would also like to thank Elite Tire and Consolidated Auto for their generous donation. With everyone’s help Team Donald raised over $2,000. As you all know this is an organization that is very dear to my heart as my grandson was born at 26 weeks and without the March of Dimes he would not be where he is today. Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart.

Linda Shrader-Knysch
Forest Park