A man who said he was simply basking in nature’s glory was cited for obscene behavior and disorderly conduct after police discovered he was picking flowers in the nude.

James F. Kosi, 58, was reported to authorities by a neighbor on May 8 who said they saw the 6-foot, 216-pound man naked. When police responded to 1052 Desplaines Ave., they came upon Kosi sitting in a lawn chair in the buff.

“When Kosi was asked what he was doing, Kosi responded, ‘What’s the problem? I’m just picking some flowers,'” according to a police report.

The suspect later told police that being nude was a “form of art.” Kosi will answer to the alleged ordinance violations at a hearing in village hall next month.

Signs of a bad date

An attempt to bring an Internet relationship into the real world ended poorly this month when police had to use a Taser to bring a belligerent man under control.

Kelvin D. Hall, 26, of Forest Park, was arrested on charges of aggravated assault and resisting a police officer for allegedly threatening a female acquaintance with a broken beer bottle. According to a department report, the unidentified woman met Hall and members of his family at his home at 125 Desplaines Ave. on the evening of May 9. While drinking in the backyard, Hall announced that he would be leaving with the woman, however, Hall’s Internet acquaintance did not want to go with him. The suspect then smashed a beer bottle and began waving it in a threatening manner, according to witness statements.

When police arrived, Hall reportedly refused to comply with orders to lay on the ground so he could be taken into custody. An officer used his Taser to subdue the man.

Parking violation exacerbated

A Chicago woman who had parked illegally outside of the Walgreen’s pharmacy on Roosevelt Road was arrested for assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, battery and obstruction after allegedly engaging the cop in a physical confrontation.

According to a department report, Sheila S. Perez, age unknown, was sitting in her Chevrolet Monte Carlo in a handicapped parking space at 9:30 p.m. on May 7. An officer patrolling the area noticed the alleged violation and pulled his car alongside of the vehicle. Upon pointing out the infraction, the officer was told by Perez that she was “waiting for someone.”

Perez eventually put the car in reverse and parked in another space, however, the officer ordered her to stop. After boxing her in with his vehicle, Perez got out of her car and began shouting profanities at the officer. She allegedly refused to hand over her driver’s license and began walking away from the officer. When the officer attempted to handcuff her, she slapped the cuffs from his hand, prompting a brief struggle.

Meanwhile, Perez’s companion had returned to the parking lot to see the commotion. Twice, the officer pointed his Taser at the individual, encouraging him to stand back.

Domestic disturbance

A resident of the 900 block of Hannah Avenue was arrested for aggravated assault this month after allegedly threatening his wife with a knife.

According to a police report, 55-year-old Cornelio L. Carcellar came home from work at about 3:30 p.m. on May 9 intoxicated and began yelling at his son and his wife for failing to complete several household chores. Carcellar reportedly became more agitated and started throwing dishes before grabbing a large knife and launching it at the woman. No injuries were reported.

Suspect nabbed quickly

Thanks to the help of a witness, a 17-year-old robbery suspect was apprehended just moments after allegedly punching a man in the face in an effort to steal a handful of cash.

Shortly after 2 p.m. on May 10, an unidentified man was sitting in his car at Thornton’s service station on Harlem Avenue when he was approached by the suspect. According to the report, the teen had likely observed the alleged victim counting several bills and deciding whether to purchase any food inside the gas station.

In a struggle for the $35, the suspect punched the man in the face to free himself of the firm grip the victim had on his T-shirt, according to police. A witness to the altercation dialed 911 and reported a description of the getaway vehicle, including its license plate number. Several officers in the area were on the scene within moments and apprehended four suspects in the car.

Alex J. Hardin, of Maywood, was charged with a single felony count. The three other suspects were released without charges.

These items were taken from the records of the Forest Park Police Department between May 6 and May 12, 2007 and represent only a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in this report has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not been adjudicated.

Compiled by Josh Adams