Forest Park said good-by to one of its favorite daughters last week. Donna Bruenning was a fixture around the village hall for such a long time. Such a long time it’s still hard to think of the village hall without her. She dealt with just about everyone at one time or another, yet always maintained her pleasant demeanor and even disposition. Everyone liked Donna; everyone was helped by her in some way. We are sorry she has left us.

When Garfield teachers came to school last Monday as Teacher Appreciation Week began, they were delightfully surprised by the lovely spring flowers that had been set into the planters along Jackson Boulevard. This labor of love was the work of the Girl Scouts of Troop #1765 and mothers: Bonnie Doolin, Alexis Makaris, Katie Dirks and Samantha Makaris. Scouts and assistants are Delaney Doolin, Josselin Lopez, Regan Doolin, Caitlin Silenzi and Kate Wilkinson. Also assisting were Michelle Dirkes and Jeannine Silenziof the Garfield PTA. Quinlan Doolin and bachelor uncle Bud Jacknow were used as needed in the project.

Welcome home to Bagwan and Usha Hirandandi who spent several weeks traveling in Bombay, Bangalore, Delhi and other cities in India, as well as several stops in Europe including London, Venice, Amsterdam and Paris.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Jerry Jacknow.

Congratulations to Daniel Grant who earned his Ph.D. in chemistry at UIC. The title of Daniel’s dissertation is very impressive, but as most of them are, is nearly impossible to understand. The important aspect of Daniel’s dissertation is that he dedicated this labor intensive work to his seventh and eighth grade science teacher, who served as an inspiration to him all these years. And who is this dedicated teacher who made such an impression on this scholarly young man? Well, it is Chuck Brod, now retired, but an unforgettable teacher from Saint John.

Daniel Grant will be working in research at the San Diego Center for Chemical Genomes at The Burnham Institute in La Jolla, Calif. Proud parents are Roger and Geri Grant (proud dog is Gusto Grant).

May 17 happy birthday to Jason Webb; on the 18th, Peggy O’Connell, Carl Schwebl and 3-year-old Mikela Brown; on the 19th, Jonas Wojtas; May 20, Phyllis DeVilbiss, Janet Fink, Pam Bower; May 21, Tyler Robert Fink; May 22, Tim Hartnett.

Start rounding up the books you have decided to get rid of. Bring them to the library for the last June book sale sponsored by the Friends of the Forest Park Library and engineered by President Shirley Christell. The sale will take place the weekend of June 22 and the hours have been extended. Many of these books are brand new and in excellent condition. All of them are cheap, cheap, cheap.

Ah choo (just learned that’s Lithuanian for “thank you”).