A rash of graffiti sprang up along Beloit Avenue last week, causing damage to several residential properties.

According to police department reports, “4CH” and “104” were spray painted in black on three garage doors in the 1000 block of Beloit Avenue. Authorities suspect the tags appeared on May 17 between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Two of the property owners told police they would remove the markings themselves. A third victim asked that the Cook County graffiti removal program be called in to remove the damage.

Scorned, but persistent

A 24-year-old Berwyn man was arrested for allegedly violating a protection order after a woman identified him to police as the individual who threw rocks at her window.

Shortly before midnight on May 13, a woman living on Beloit Avenue called police to complain that Cardell Williams was standing in her backyard tossing rocks at her bedroom window. When authorities arrived, Williams had apparently left the property and was found walking about a block from the home. According to a department report, Williams admitted that he knew of the protection order, and denied having been at the property.

“Williams refused to admit he was in the rear yard … but stated he continues to see (the alleged victim) and they continue to be involved in an intimate relationship.”

Night out includes urinating

During the early morning hours of May 13, three men were cited for violating a local ordinance when they allegedly urinated behind a Madison Street address.

According to a department report, a patrol unit watched as Michael Knapczynski, 27, Ryan Zadecki, 28, and Christopher Kvasnicka, 23, walked to the rear of 7444 Madison St. to an alley adjacent to a municipal parking lot. “Once all three subjects found a comfortable location, each person opened the front of their pants and deposits [sic] an offensive substance by urinating,” the officer said in the report. Each was given a citation and ordered to appear for a June 6 hearing.

Too ill to walk

A man who stopped to use a portable toilet realized his bicycle was being stolen just in time to alert a nearby officer to the crime.

At 11:40 a.m. on May 16, 17-year-old Brandon Hart was reportedly let out of school early for an illness and was walking home along Lathrop Avenue when he spotted a mountain bike outside of a portable toilet. According to a department report, Hart, a Forest Park resident, told police he took the bike because he didn’t want to walk all the way home.

“Brandon was approximately five blocks from his home at the theft scene,” according to a police report.

Meanwhile, the owner of the bike told police he was using the toilet when he heard someone put up the kickstand. He immediately exited the portable toilet, saw the suspect running with the bike and notified a squad car nearby, according to the report.

Hart was charged with theft and possession of a controlled substance, for allegedly carrying a small quantity of marijuana that was revealed during the incident.

Speeder caught with pot

A Berwyn teenager was cited for drug possession when police pulled him over for speeding and allegedly discovered an ashtray in the car contained the remnants of several marijuana cigarettes.

According to a department report, Renzo Agate, 18, was stopped along the 1200 block of Harlem Avenue shortly before 9 a.m. While reaching into his glove compartment for proof of insurance, the officer allegedly noticed the burnt remains of several blunts. A search of the vehicle revealed five in the glove box, one in the center console and in a pouch behind the driver’s seat a small bag of marijuana was discovered, according to police.

The quantity of marijuana allegedly found was small, and Agate was cited for violating a local ordinance. He was also issued a ticket for speeding.

Drunk accused of theft

A cab driver’s complaint that a man had previously skipped out on his fare led to the suspect’s arrest for public intoxication.

According to a police report, a cab driver called authorities shortly before midnight on May 14 after recognizing a passenger from several days ago. The passenger, Eric Clausen of Downers Grove, allegedly failed to pay for the cab ride.

Authorities attempted to discuss the complaint with the 46-year-old Clausen, but he was too drunk to hold a conversation, according to the report.

“Clausen began to say something about being in a cab and then became unintelligible,” police said in their report.

Further attempts to understand the man were unsuccessful and he was arrested for public intoxication. As for the dispute over the cab fare, the driver was encouraged to contact the police in the community in which the incident may have occurred, which was either Lombard or Oak Brook, according to the report.

These items were taken from the records of the Forest Park Police Department between May 11 and May 18, 2007 and represent only a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in this report has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not been adjudicated.

Compiled by Josh Adams