New board is up to the task

At the May 10 District 91 board meeting, board members bestowed gifts and words of gratitude to two outgoing board members. This community newspaper would be remiss not to mention the years of service Steven Johnsen and Catherine Denham dedicated to the Forest Park public school community.

While the newspaper portrayed board members as bobble heads who only know 7-0 votes, I would like the public to know that Mr. Johnsen and Mrs. Denham made it loud and clear they were fiscal conservatives. In my four years on the board I witnessed them fight for controlled and limited spending. Four years ago at my first board meeting a 4-3 vote was tallied in regard to building more space for all-day kindergarten at Betsy Ross and Field Stevenson.

It is a known fact that our board meetings do not have the drama or controversy that Proviso has, however, we have our moments. I mentioned at our last meeting that it was an honor and a privilege to serve alongside these senior board members who gave their time to the community unselfishly.

In regard to the call for more substantive debate, I believe in discourse and debate as a pathway to resolution. The torch has been passed, the eyes are upon us, and the new board is up to the challenge.

Glenn Garlisch, school board president Dist. 91
Forest Park

Problem is ours to solve

While I agree with your thoughts (“Resident fed up,” May 9), I have one other clarification to offer. I think the term “absentee landlord” is inaccurate and perhaps we should substitute “slumlord.” Forest Park has plenty of properties that are not owner-occupied but are well cared for. I believe your issue is with any owner who does not care for their property. This is a big problem for all of us and needs focused attention from our residents and the village to be resolved.

Sharon Daly
Forest Park