Dear Heather,

Thank you so much for your letter, card, and handwriting sample.

Most people have minor variations in their writing styles from time to time but they are usually not as great as yours.

The good news associated with your many forms of script is that you are very versatile, flexible, and adaptable. The bad news is that you are also inconsistent and others have a difficult time knowing what to expect of you or how to deal with you.

People write differently when their thinking processes change, and handwriting reflects what is going on in the brain.

Your first writing style is connected or cursive writing. When you write this way you are being logical, rational, and analytical. Your thinking is systematic and your sense of calculation and strategy moves you to want to plan ahead, so you will be goal-minded, persistent and purposeful. When using cursive you feel the need to bring things together, arrange them in proper order, and deliver them systematically.

The second writing form you use is called disconnected print writing. It is a personalized combination of cursive and printing but the letters are not joined together. When you use this form you are feeling much more creative and intuitive. You make decisions quickly and jump to conclusions. Your artistic juices are flowing and your decision making process substitutes feelings for logic. When you use this style you are feeling self-centered, cautious and possibly guilty. You are caught in an interpersonal conflict between being quite sophisticated and immature at the same time.

When writing in capital block letters you are being practical, realistic, determined, and strong willed. You want to run things, won’t accept criticism, and are very opinionated.

Regardless of which writing form you are using, Heather, you are intelligent, honest, and a good worker. You are optimistic, artistic, and are probably a good public speaker.

You have a lot of talent and abilities but your emotional inconsistency confuses others, and even yourself, at times.

I would suggest that you try to pick the writing form with which you are most comfortable and stick with it. This will not feel natural at first, but it will provide a form of intellectual discipline and will help you be more emotionally consistent.

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