It’s no secret that Jim Watts celebrated his birthday May 30, as you can see in the photo. So, belated birthday wishes to Jim, who is 49.

Did you see Painted Board Studio in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday, May27? Centuries & Sleuths, Painted Board and La Piazza are making Forest Park more and more famous.

Deepest sympathy to Doris Camphouse on the death of her beloved Amy, the lovable Basset Hound who will no longer be seen sniffing her way around town. Amy had hundreds of friends and a very good life. Knowing this is inadequate consolation when you lose your best friend, though.

The 2007 Chicago Summer Sing will begin June 12 at 7 p.m. with Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Pirates of Penzance.” It all happens at 848 Lake St. at the First United Church. Daniel Robinson will direct the chorus and music will be available. It’s all just for fun so come and enjoy the fellowship and music. Tickets are $10 for singers and audience, $2 score rental. On June 19 Anne Heider will direct the Vivaldi “Gloria” and Faure’s “Requiem.” Last but not least, Dr. William Chin will take up the baton on June 26 for Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana.” For more information call (708) 386-5215.

Speaking of music, did you hear that a song written by English composer Edward Elgar has just been found? You know who Elgar is … “Pomp and Circumstance” Elgar.

Cecile Webster is a talented lady with an unusual passion. Her love of paper and paper making began several years ago when she attended a workshop right here at the Forest Park Public Library. After that workshop Cecile took classes, went to workshops, read and learned everything she could about paper, how to use fibers, paper scraps, discarded garden plants, weeds and just about any plant material she could find. She now teaches paper making and related subjects at Columbia College in downtown Chicago. She is an active member of Paper Book Intensive, which meets at various locations around Chicagoland. Mrs. Webster makes boxes and book covers, and does everything modern and antique that involves paper. She can be seen on the Channel 11 website, too. Her home away from home is the Art Institute of Chicago, where she is book conservator for the Art Institute’s library.

It’s June 6 and time to say happy birthday to Ken Trainor and Gloria Hansberry; on the 7th, Robert Gerger, Jacob Koehne, Matt O’Shea, Edith Evert, Alice Zimmerman; on the 10th, Marge Griffin, who’s away in California but still a part of Forest Park, and Eric Bradley. Wedding anniversary wishes to Nick and Sue Mangiaracina and Kelly and Tim Woods; on the 12th, the birthday boy is Gus Calderone; on the 13th, Cecile Webster, Bernice Matthews, Mary Moravec and David Jargstorf. Also, a special birthday wish to Maxwell Vobornik, who is 1 year old.

The Forest Park elephants seem to be making a slow entry into town. Maybe they came with too high a price tag. Maybe the weather is keeping them away. Who knows the answer? You can always buy your own baby elephant at Quitsch Flowers.