An ideal weekend in Forest Park would go something like this: Friday morning, examine mail for checks but avoid the office. Deposit said checks at the Forest Park National Bank. Obtain fresh supply of spending money and see if the tellers need muffins from Kay’s Bakery.

Pick up 12-year-old and proceed to sporting goods store. Buy golf supplies along with new golf club. Meet one of your grade school classmates in checkout line. Ask friend to remove packaging from golf club with fishing knife, so that it can be swung immediately. Try to pay with credit card but clerk asks for ID. Remember you misplaced driver’s license, pay out of fresh supply of spending money.

Proceed directly to golf course but find out there’s a five-hour wait. Phone rings – cancellation – walk directly to first tee. Get teamed up with stranger who can only tolerate your hideous golf for one hole. Give thanks to be left alone to work out the kinks with the 12-year-old.

Finish golf – sit on veranda overlooking first tee, sipping summer ale – a reward for hitting the little white ball so many times.

Return to Forest Park to coach little league game. Team plays almost flawless baseball, much better than in practice and notches second victory of the season. To Summerfest for dinner and entertainment. Live band, brats, sausages and steaks.

Female employee from Circle Lanes runs up to say that missing driver’s license is at the bowling alley. Run into fishing friend, who is much more sunburned now and tell him driver’s license has been found. He can only shake his head at the small-town ways of Forest Park.

Combination of brats, beer and band make for a delightful evening. A sizable number of Forest Parkers are dancing in front of the stage. Enjoy warm conversations with childhood friends as well as contemporary ones.

Saturday morning scan mail for checks but otherwise avoid office. Make deposit; obtain fresh supply of spending money. Report to Senior Citizen tent to conduct historic tour of Forest Park. No takers for 11 a.m. tour – feel mixture of relief and regret. Return to conduct 1 p.m. tour but only two takers. Reschedule historic tour for September. Ride bike to Circle Lanes to retrieve driver’s license.

At 2 p.m., to main stage to see Elevation, a U2 tribute band. Lead singer looks, acts and sings exactly like Bono. After 23-minute sound check, band rips through the U2 catalogue for a solid hour. Summerfest organizers make mental note to schedule the band for prime time next year.

After delicious dinner of barbecued chicken, stroll to Starbucks for iced coffee. It’s Saturday night in Forest Park and Summerfest is jammed. The ideal weekend had already surpassed expectations and there was still another day to go.